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Title: Metroid Prime for sale
Post by: Toad on June 24, 2007, 06:39:21 PM
I think I remember reading that somebody here wanted a copy of Metroid Prime for the GC. Well, here is their chance!

I am getting rid of my copy of the game and was wondering if anybody was interested in buying it. I have completed it (not that that matters, since save files are on memory cards now), but I have no desire to go back and play it again.

I am likely just going to give it to my sister if nobody here wants it. :)

EDIT: Sorry, but I am giving it to my sister. If that person who still wants it is looking for it, I might suggest something like or just going to any shop that still sells Gamecube games (like a second hand kind that will have it for around 20 bucks).