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Back to the "Haves" section of this thread. I just found an asteroid, if anyone's interested... I'm new to this game so I don't know it that's valuable or not.

Also, what do hominids do? I dunno if that's what they're called, but I'm talking about those things that can be dug up along with fossils. Are they collectibles, or do I donate them to the museum... or just sell them?
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Hominids are cavemen, if you payed attention in biology. ;)

(Just kidding!)

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Silly hominids. Warm blood is for losers.

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I dunno where I got hominids. I don't know what they're called, those stumps with faces that you can dig up instead of pitfall seeds and fossils.

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The -oid things.

Well what they do is make various sound effects (you can tell by their name). I think there might be sets of them that make some kind of song but maybe not.

They're just kind of creepy and weird. I horde them!

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I've got plenty, we can set something up if you want.


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I think they're called gyroids. I think they're weird and don't do much. I always sell them when I find them.

Also my town may be offline for some time. My ISP is having problems with connecting to Nintendo WFC right now.
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I find alot, too. If you played the first Animal Crossing, they're called Gyroids. I just sell them, too. Each one is worth like, $800 to $1200! Nobody will probrobly want them The only reason someone would like them, is to have a collection set up in their house.

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That's what I'm doing. I plan to fill my basement (when/if I get one) with just gyroids like my friend did in the original AC.

Also, you can use them to set the mood in your house. One of my villagers's houses had bloopy-space sounds instead of music and I figured out that it was coming from a gyroid. I think that's their "true" use.

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Doesn't sound worth my time. I have a ton clogging my storage... I'll just sell them. Another question... Today's Sunday, but where's the person that sells turnips? I can't find him!

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Oh man, today I found a mini freakoid and it ROCKS. It sits in the corner shuddering and emitting freakish moans and squeals. It's the coolest thing I've ever put in my house.

I couldn't find the turnip lady either! Maybe she took New Year's Day off.

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I have three Freakoids in my house. Those are the only ones I like. :D

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See? Freakoids all the way!

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Oh, and by the way I'm looking for as much Ranch furniture as I can find. If you have some Ranch series furniture/wallpaper/carpet, I'll buy or trade.

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I just found a little kitten girl named Katie, and she says she can't find her mother. She keeps following me, so I guess I'm supposed to find her, but Iooked everywhere! She also said she wants to go back to Denver, which is bobman37's town. Am I supposed to take her to his town?