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The big boo, who I assume is in Creepy Steeple. Where is he?

In Goombella's e-mail, I saw Flurrie and Doopliss fighting two boos and one very big boo. I thought it was just for their play, but at the end credits, I saw his shape go across the screen like the other bosses. I never saw him, never fought him, I'll assume he is the missing space 97 in my tattle log.

Is it because I chose the wrong answer when the boo asked me how many of them were there? I never even got to fight a normal boo outside of the Pit of 100 trials.

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Let me away from this boulder!

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In the main lobby, there's a single Boo that asks if you are going to bully him. If you select no, then the 200 Boos will appear. When all the Boos circle around you and try to smother you, use your Super Hammer move to whack them away. Keep doing this until the single Boo claims you lied and all group up to a big boo, known as Atomic Boo. You will battle him.

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He's a tough fellow. Be PREPARED! Also, try to defend WELL! He has the power to immobilize you.

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TMK fan since three years ago!

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i should be prepared for him... i'm at level 35, and i got the super hammer and boots. he should be as easy as pie!

and it is! i beat him in less than 1 minute!

Atomic boo hp: 40
Atomic boo attack: around 2

My attack: 4-13
my hp: 60
my fp: 50

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now... for a spoiler quiz:
what boss at the bottom of the pit of 100 trials?

1: Firetail
2: Bonetail
3: Ultratail
4: Hooktail 2
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2: Bonetail.
Atomic boo was a wimp for me and I beat him as soon as I could.

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I "bullied" the Boo by blowing with Flurrie, not with a hammer.

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you are correct kirby!

now here is a really tough one!

if you saw him but did'nt beat him (like i did) this question will stump you completely!!

Question: what rare badge do you get when you defeat bonetail?

1: Return Defence
2: Return Power
3: Return Hammer
4: Return Postage

AND, how much bp does it require to use it?

1: 5
2: 8
3: 7
4: 6

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4 & 3. Next? I'm off to fight the Atomic Boo. I thought it was an exploding Boo in the pit of 100 trials, but I used the mover and thought I skipped him and the Elite Wizzerd. Now I'm at level 32. Please bring it.

EDIT: I just beat an Amayzee Dayzee and increased my HP to 85.

EDIT x2: Piece of cake. Really. Oh, and... I did get an Elite Wizzerd. It's a Swampire I need.

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I had NO trouble with beating the Atomic Boo.
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