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The Hero's Blood

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Thanks to everybody for reading so far. I know the first couple of chapters are a little short, but the later chapters are more lenghty because there will be more dialouge and action. I tried to work on this more yesterday but that stupid amp I was putting in my car caused us problems all day long. Ugg. I doubt I'll get to post chapter 2 tonight( Ahhh, too many to's in one sentence) but I will most definently tomorrow.

...and if you read this Sapphira, please know that I am dying to read your next chapter. ^_^

Spill the blood of the innocent!!! Then clean it before it makes a mess!

I'm working on it... The changes in my last chapter REALLY effect the next one, so it's gonna take a while. I'll try to finish it this week, and hopefully sooner.

If things don''t go your way, just keep complaining until your dreams come true.

Sorry everybody, my life got busy and I will try to get chapter two up tonight.  After you read it, if you feel like it, tell me what you liked or didn't like or what you think will happen. I would rather get 10 people telling me their opinions and clogging up my topic than nobody posting, and leaving me to wonder what everyone thinks. Sorry for delays, must... keep... tying... story!

Spill the blood of the innocent!!! Then clean it before it makes a mess!

This was going to be the post but the bad grammer fairy hit me over the head. Had to fix some words that were spelled funni.(he he)

Spill the blood of the innocent!!! Then clean it before it makes a mess!

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Now, the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived, CHAPTER 2 !!!( waits for appluase)... sorry, got a little excited.Ahem, anyways, here we go.
Ch 2
An Invitation For Evil
.............................................Peach had finished passing out her invitations and was returning to her castle to see how the decorations were coming along. She let her mind wander as she walked.

*I hope Mario likes the special cake I‘m baking for him. Oh, of course he will. I can just see it now, the sunset, Mario by my side, the meteor shower, then the fireworks. I just hope everything is perfect!*

Not paying attention to what she was doing, Peach dropped an extra invitation she had been carrying on the ground. Not far away, a koopa scout that Bowser had sent to observe the princess noticed the small piece of paper she had dropped. After making sure he was out of Peach’s sight, he quickly grabbed the paper and re-hid himself in the bushes to read the paper.
The invitation read:

   You have been formally invited to a party at my castle to watch the meteor shower tonight. There will dinner, dessert, and a fireworks display after the show. I hope you will attend.

“King Bowser will be most pleased with this,” the koopa exclaimed, ” this could be my ticket into the para-troopa division!”

Back at her castle, Peach started preparing for the party. She made out the list of her invited guests, had her servants put up the decorations, set out the tables and chairs on the patio facing towards Shooting Star Summit, and put place markers on the tables. She had her chefs start preparing the pasta.

“Mario’s favorite, of course,” she told them, and she baked her special cake for him. ”I can’t wait, this is going to be perfect!”

The koopa arrived at Bowser’s Keep, the home of Bowser, king of the koopas. The guards noticed the scout’s uniform and lowered the drawbridge over the moat of lava.
The scout met up with Bowser in the testing grounds he use for his newly developed weapons.

 â€œ My lord, I have something you should see.”

“What is it!?!” yell Bowser, “I am extremely busy, so it better be important!”

The scout, terrified by Bowser’s reaction, handed him the invitation with a shaky hand.
A twisted smirk crossed over his face as the evil dictator read the letter.

“This is the perfect chance to continue my quest to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Ready my copter, we’ve got a party to attend, and we mustn't be late. Good work scout!”

Bowser began to leave, when the scout spoke up.

“M...my liege? he managed to stammer out, “ I was w...wondering if you could consider letting me join the para-troopas as reward for my good work.”

Bowser pondered this for a moment, and replied, “For your excellent work, I will make you the captain of the para-troopas...”

The scout was ecstatic.

“...IF..., “

The scout froze. ” If, sire?”

“...if my plan works. If it doesn’t, I’ll feed you to the piranha plants! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!”

*Peach’s party was only a few hours away,* Bowser thought as he prepared for his attack,*and this party is going to have fireworks, one way or another!*

There it is, let me know what you think, give predictions, give thoughts, write away right away(he he,thats sounds the same but is spelt different^_^ )

Spill the blood of the innocent!!! Then clean it before it makes a mess!

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