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The Hero's Blood

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Dr. Mario:
Hey, this is one great fanfic! Post some more soon.

What is wrong with this guy?
...Besides everything!

*Squeels in delight* Yes! People like it!, I try to post at least Ch 1 today, my whole family get together on Sundays and me and my older brother usually do something to our cars. Today's task is hook up an Amp and maybe tint the windows(which will make me feel cool ^_^!) Sorry, I was rambling again, so anyhoo, thanks for your support! More to come soon!

Spill the blood of the innocent!!! Then clean it before it makes a mess!

Okee Dokee everybody, since everbody so far has showed support and interest, I am more than thrilled to post. I just wish I could retype my handwriting faster.
Ch 1
The Invitation
    Luigi rose from his bed around sunrise being unable to sleep. His dream still playing over and over in his head. He made himself a cup of herbal tea to sip while watching the sunrise. This was one of his favorite moments of the day. From the kitchen window, you could see the sun cast an orange glow around Peach’s castle, then slowly rise over the castle wall to shine its light across the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom.*What a beautiful day it will be.* he thought smiling.
     After the sun had risen, Luigi started to make breakfast.* I wish for once Mario could wake up early enough to help.* He was always the clean one of the brothers. His things were always neat and organized and Mario’s were usually more or less tossed about the house in small piles. *Oh goody, more to clean up*. About this time he heard Mario coming down the stairs.” Good morning Mario, it sure is a nice day, isn’t it?” Luigi waited for response. “ Huh, oh yeah, good morning.” Mario yawned back.
   There was a knock at the door.” Oh boy, can I get it please?” Luigi sarcastically muttered as he opened the door, to find Peach sanding on the front step.
“ Good morning Luigi.”
“Good morning Peach.”
“Peach?” Mario’s ears perked up at the sound of  her name.
He dashed for the doorway nearly knocking Luigi down in the process.
    “Hi Peach!” Mario cheerfully said, sliding to a stop beside Luigi, “You look beautiful as always this morning.” he said gazing into her soft, blue eyes.
    “ Thank you.” she replied, blushing slightly. For a moment they just stood there,they were completely entranced by one another, as if everything else disappeared and they were the only two people in the universe. They were in love, they were happy, and that was all that mattered.
   â€œSo what brings you here?” Luigi asked,  feeling a little left out.
   â€œOh yeah, I almost forgot why I came. I’m having a party this evening to watch tonight’s meteor shower, and I came by to drop off  an invitation for you guys.”
    “We’ll be there Peach, it’ll be great!”
    “You will? Oh Mario, you’re so sweet. Well, I’ll see you tonight.” She gave Mario a little peck on the cheek causing him to blush, waved to Luigi, and was on her way.
    Luigi thought about telling Mario about his dream, but Mario was too excited to listen” I’m gonna get ready right now!” Mario dashed up the stairs to get changed.
    *I’ll just wait until tomorrow to tell him. I don’t want to spoil his day.*  Luigi thought to himself returning to breakfast. He had forgotten about the dream and was thinking about the party. He hoped that Daisy would be there. He smiled as he thought about her. Many times he had talked with her and always had a wonderful time. She had a certain aura of inocence and kindness that he found irresistible He often wanted to express his feelings about her, but he never could build up the courage to do so.* Hopefully I can have the courage tonight.*

Stay tuned for Ch 2 to becoming soon. I'll try to post it as quickly as possible, but I may be limited by work and sleep, if only I could win the lottery.

Spill the blood of the innocent!!! Then clean it before it makes a mess!

Insane Steve:
You've done a good job thus far! Seeing this, I am definately going to post my fanfic today. (Or, the first chapter, anyways)

I only see one minor thing you can do to make it better... In my opinion, your chapters are a bit short... Of course, if that's your style, so be it.

Well done thus far! I can't wait to see the continuing of it!

Congratulations! You have just been blessed by the wisdom of Steve.

Hey, sounds enticing so far! Keep up the good work and keep posting, too! :)

(Hey, isn't that weird? In "The Prophecy" Luigi makes that same comment when the door rings. Heheh...Poor Luigi, always overlooked.)

If things don''t go your way, just keep complaining until your dreams come true.


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