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Game Help / Re: A few questions about several games
« on: July 04, 2011, 10:44:59 PM »
That makes sense,don't wanna be deficient anywhere which could devastating later on. I am currently not playing them but I have all for mentioned games and have played them a little bit but I planned on starting from the beginning with the original Mario Rpg which I have beaten before with no issue, then go through the Paper Mario games then the Mario and Luigi games.I plan on starting my run one game at a time soon but I though it would be best to consult those who have completed them before for some advice.  I always had issues with the others though I have gotten quite far in all the Paper Mario games. Thanks for the help so far.I wouldn't say novice because I have gotten to the final areas in the first 2 and I got to the final area in Super Paper Mario but that's a different style anyway.Don't why I never just went through with the first one but I wasn't ready for the second one since when I got to that point it was before I got more skills with the games and the rest of the genre.I am fine with action commands for attack in the Paper Mario games and now that I remember I got better with that in Mario and Luigi as well my only issue are the defense action command timing.

Game Help / A few questions about several games
« on: July 04, 2011, 09:18:27 PM »
I was wondering what do you recommend increasing in the first 2 Paper Mario games HP,FP,or BP?
What stat do you give the level up bonus to in the Mario & Luigi games?
Any tips on how to better my ability with timing since I am good with the timed hits in Paper Mario but I have trouble with the dodges in both the Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi series the same applies to the attack timing in the Mario and Luigi series.I seem to have a delay in my reaction time.I was wondering if you have any tips in training myself to be better with that.
Any help with these matters would be awesome.

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