Author Topic: Faux Luigi Escorted From Property  (Read 7162 times)


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Normally I don't look at this section of the forum, but I think this is pretty funny.

I've been on some crazy teams and some guys have dressed up as stuff on road trips (we had a gorilla run through a hotel once and raid the continental breakfast of bananas), but this tops all of them. He actually looks like something out of Disney World--it's like a Mickey Mouse costume but it's Luigi.

Why escort this guy out? My crazy friends never got into trouble on our trips back in the day. Sr. Year tournament was the craziest for us--some guys brought like three costumes. I was always the sane one, who didn't dress up and just check out the ladies on trips.

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But we all know that ladies dig the costumes.


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This is hilarious!!  It's always great to see things happening to guys in costumes (especially Luigi).  This kind of thing seems to happen to Mickey Mouse a lot...
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I'm going to call bump.
That was a joke.

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Why is Luigi doing the...... "W" sign? And why did they use Luigi?

Heh.. Lu-Wii-gi! It's LuWiigi!
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...Bump x2.
That was a joke.


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Perhaps he never got around to reading this until now.
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