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I recently set up my Super Nes and tried to play several games, Yoshi's Island among them. While the game still functions ok, I am having a couple of issues with it..

Sometimes when collecting coins, Yoshi will act like he hit his head on a harmless celeing and then fall out of the sky, or sometimes be pushed through the floor if the coin was level with the ground. (just the coins that are floating in the levels, not the ones produced from enemies being hit with yellow eggs)

There have also been a couple of times when the sprites completely disappear from the screen. I am not sure what the cause of this is, but it can usually be fixed by backtracking in the level and then going back to the area where they disappeared.

Now for the big one: I started a new file, and am stuck in World 1-6. Every time I go into the secret tunnel with the Mole Tank transformation, I can move Tank Yoshi over to the edge of the dig-able dirt, and then one of three things happen..

- the game freezes, but the cave music still plays

- the game goes to a black screen, but the cave music still plays

- the game boots back to the title screen, as if the reset button has been hit

I checked that level in my other two files, and it happens in those two files too. Upon further research, the Mole Tank freezes the game in any level, not just 1-6,

I've tried cleaning the game and the system, and all of our other games work just fine. After doing some research, I may need to replace the head of my Snes, but I can't find instructions on how to do that.

My other games work just fine, so should I try to fix the system, or get another copy of YI and hope for the best..?

Ok, so after much research, I need a Super Nes 62 pin connector and a 3.8 mm screwdriver set. The pins in the old Snes are old, and may not be functioning properly.

If anybody happens to have those things just laying around, I would like..

Maybe you could try a Game Genie head if you have one.


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