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Will there ever be another mailbag?

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Having fathered twins, I can say one is definitely older than the other one, if only by minutes/seconds. If YI is a euphemism for real life events, Mario is older because because he came out of the bag first (euphemism: Mario was the first one pulled out during a C-section or the first one down the.. birth canal). (sorry if that was tmi)

I am also going to assume babies in Mario's world are created somewhere in the heavens. Star Haven, or even the Comet Observatory would be good places I guess.

The Chef:
I didn't mention the Comet Observatory because that's really the birthplace of celestial bodies, not people. :P

[Some sort of comment about Rosalina playing off "celestial bodies"]

The Chef:
Isn't that more ShadowBrain or Weegee's territory? :P

Star Haven (or thereabouts) gets my vote. A couple (and maybe also single parents and polyamorous arrangements?) wishes/prays to the Star Road for a baby, the wish is granted by the power of the Star Rod, and the storks fly down from the stars to deliver the magically created babies.

But now I'm thinking, are the Star Spirits (Eldstar et al, Twink, Geno) only deities for the Mushroom Planet? There's precedent for tiny local suns (SMB3 Angry Sun and the Flower Fields Sun in Paper Mario), so maybe the Star Spirits are kind of like that. That could explain how the theology of Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy can work together -- Rosalina creates the stars and planets and then she backs off and lets planetary deities take over. (Did Rosalina create any planets where sex exists?) (maybe this should be moved to the silly mario fan theories thread)


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