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Will there ever be another mailbag?

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I remember reading the one where LD got fired. And sending in some really dumb emails. The first one tagged "Austin" here is me.

Good times...

My favorite mailbag thing is still Wachibi and Watuna, and how people kept writing in for months thinking they were real.

I had my dumb emails in the mailbag multiple times, and looking back at this one from 2002 amused me:

--- Quote from: when i was like eleven dont judge me ---1. Do you know Miyamoto's e-mail address?
2. Do you think this quote is funny?: "I just hope Mario doesn't go into any sewers --- he wearing my good dress!" - Peach
3. Do you think Sonic and Mario will ever be in the same (licensed) game?
4. Do you think Nintendo will make a port of SM64 for the next Game Boy?
5. Do I say "Do" too much?
6. If Nintendo does port SM64 to the GBX, maybe they'll tell us how to get Luigi.
7. Do you like to watch C-SPAN?
- Adamario
DavidDayton: 1) No. 2) Heheh. 3) Probably not. 4) Not for the GB, but I'm thinking a port to the GC might be likely. 6) Yeah, right.
--- End quote ---

7 was a reference to NC that David didn't even dignify with a response, but more importantly: I was right! Mario and Sonic have been in I think seven games together now, and Mario 64 with Luigi in it was the launch title for the handheld after the GBA! In your face, Dayton!

Also this:

--- Quote from: crovax1337 ---One person said that Mario and Luigi cannot be twins because Mario is older. Not true! To be twins all that has to happen is that both babies come from one egg... or something like that. My dad is one year older than my aunt and they are still twins. Maybe you can get Mushroom Boy to ask Mario Sr.?
--- End quote ---

The Chef:
Mario is older than Luigi by exactly one game. He popped out of the Stork's mailbag at the beginning of Yoshi's Island, while Luigi didn't until the end.

They were scheduled to be delivered at the same time, though, which implies that they were created at the same time (do the Storks make the babies somehow? Are they created by the stars?). How precisely do we define birth and age in a universe without uteruses?

The Chef:
I just took "being born" to mean "being let out of the bag".

And since babies are a gift from heaven, they're probably created in whatever Mario World's equivalent of heaven is supposed to be. (Star Haven? Some other place in the cosmos?)


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