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Pablo's Clue


Mr. Fish:
Super Mario's not the only hero in town. So, I present Super Pablo, the real hero. When Mario needs help, he returns to "Techno-Land" to see Pablo. In Super Mario 3, Pablo gave Mario a "P" switch. In Super Mario World, Pablo gave Mario the silver "P" switch.

Visit Pablo's Techno-Land, which will be Pablo's first web-based mini-game, featuring the famed "N-Spade".

Now to answer the question that's been on your mind since you first layed your eyes on Super Mario 3... "What does the 'P' on the P-Switch mean?"

The "P" in the "P-Switch" is for "Pablo".

Anyhow, I am the programmer of the "N-Spade" DOS based tool. I originally wrote it as a tool to help learn the card matching game so playing Super Mario 3 would be easier.

If you want to preview "Pablo's Clue", which is being developed right now, be sure to visit my website. When you get there, click "Games", "Pablo's Clue" (( http://www.bigfoot.com/~explore )).

Mr. Fish

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