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I've been gone too long.

Over this weekend I'll update the WTMK database.  I have a better list of what is needed now..

I relise this post is old but I currently have alot of game music that just took me half an hour to find so I'm going to post it here, along with credit from where I got it now. It takes awhile for me to upload.

For all the years that I've been here, I just downloaded Winamp today and listened to WTMK for the first time.  I don't know what took me so long, or why I had problems doing it in the past.  Pretty sweet to say the least!

I'm not exactly an expert, but I may be able to help with the Yoshi for GB. I can pretty much hook the SNES to my computer and use Super Gameboy to play the game, then simply have my computer record the audio feed. I can't promise the quality will be the best ever, but you'll have it at least....

I'm new here but i've been listening to WTMK for a while, and pretty cool stuff, especially the music from import Mario games like Mario's Super Picross and not to mention it was you guys who introduced me to Game & Watch!!! Anyway i have a question regarding the radio, see i want to listen to WTMK at school becuase i can't live without anything Mario and i would like to listen at school. Have you ever considered a mp3 version of WTMK so people can put it on there i-pods? I think it would be a great idea and i'm sure everyone thinks so too :)


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