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Heart Gold and Soul Silver FCs

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Black Mage:
Toad, if the event is still going I'll get you an event Jirachi.

I'll just trade it to you whenever your WiFi is back up.

Sweet! Thank you. I'll PM you when it's back up (hopefully before this weekend, though probably not, with the holiday and all..)

Black Mage:
Alright, I've secured it for you Toad. Let me know whenever.

I've got another one from when this even was offered last time as well, if someone needs one.


--- Quote from: Weegee on June 24, 2010, 10:33:55 PM ---Now imagine that being spoken by a trashy hooker.

--- End quote ---

at first I was like: O_O
But then I was like: LOL :D LOL


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