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If you're looking for particular items, post them along with your friend code.  If you have something someone else wants, you can offer an online trade and see if you can catch them in the chat room or send them a PM.  Happy hunting.

Nick: Luigison
Name: Mario
Town: TMK
Code: 0773-7084-9414
Want: Mario patterns.
Have: Mushroom furniture.  Apples, Cherries, Coconuts, Oranges, Peaches, and Pears. Mario/Nintendo items. including:  SMB related patterns (mostly custom).  Nintendo Bench.  Master Sword and Triforce.  Arwing.  Pikmin.  Metroid.  Big Bro's Mustache.  Big and Lil Bro's hats.  SMB3 Paper. 

Nick: Luigison
Name: Orbulon
Town: Space
Code: 4166-7252-1043 ◎ Trades should now be done through Mario in TMK above.
Have: Most Space, Robo, and Construction stuff.

Nick: Fifth
Name: Fifth
Town: Auluria
Code: 1718-5942-1811 X Deleted by request.

Nick: Lizard Dude
Name: Lizard
Town: Lizbon
Code: 3178 8979 7213 ◎

Nick: coolcathysmile
Name: Cathy
Town: Daytonia
Code: 5197-5179-1224 X Deleted because she never visited.

Nick: PaperMario
Name: Jean
Town: Treehut
Friend Code: 1031-4050-6562 X Deleted because he never visited.

Nick: MushroomBoy
Name: Tyler
Town: Delfino
Code: 4424-4231-6943 ◎

Nick: Romulan248
Name: Parker
Town: WikiTiki
Code: 1375-0051-1589 ◎

Nick: cbajd5
Name: Cbajd5
Town: Vilberre
Friend Code: 429557729137 ◎

Nick:  Lacking_brain
Name:  Zaphod
Town:  Magrthea
Code:  3994-9270-5901 ◎

Nick: MOG77
Name: Robert
Town: Astra
Code: 5412 2713 4942 X

Nickname: ONLYME
Name: Eddy
Town: Emylno
FC:4166 8418 5696 updated

Nick: Phred
Name: Phred
Town: Milford
Code: 4982-7779-8123 ? I have two Phreds.  Which is correct?

Name: Ralph
Town: Fourside
Code: 4209-6745-7420 X Old info deleted.

Nick: Belial
Town: Gotham
Code: 4853-9280-3155 ◎

Nick: Kao
Name: Kao
Town: Atlantis
Code:2405-7896-2717 ◎

Nick: Geo
Name: Geo
Town: Corneria
Code: 1374-9987-8371 ◎

Nick: Khold
Name: Khold
Town: Venice
Code: 2706-4477-6759 ◎

Nick: Phred
Name: Mr. Lazy
Town: Milford
Code: 2921-1947-6797 X I have two Phreds.  Which is correct?

Nick: Tingrio
Name: Tingrio
Town: Wings
Code: 1375-0082-1671 ◎

Nick: MaxVance
Name: MaxVance
Town: Pearton
Code: 4725-0779-6704 ◎

Nick: Toad
Name: Jon
Town: Crymeah
Code: 0945-5130-4910 ◎

Nick: bobman37
Name: Bobman37
Town: Denver
Code: 5369-3304-6216 ◎

Name: Humarl
Town: Spira
Code: 2534-6487-6578 ◎

Nick: shrinks
Name: shrinks
Town: utopia
Code: 356543221679 △

Nick: ann77
Name: S.M.D.
Town: Trenton
Code: 0558-9555-1503 ◎

Nick: ZeldaFan0001
Name: Jarod
Town: Toura
Code: 1589-7686-5318 ◎

Nick: Marionater
Name: Crunch
Town: Pocketto
Code: 128909746998 △

Nick: SSJ3 Mario Brothers
Name: Saiyan
Town: Namek
Code: 4123-7863-2363 △

Nick: Unlimited Lumpia
Name: Edward
Town: Cinnamon
Code: 3909-0271-3800 ◎

Nick: DeadAwake
Name:  グレイディー
Town:  くさ
Code: (Code incorrect!) ? Versions are not compatiable.

Nick: stump5389
Name: Brian
Town: Tatooine
Code: 1417-9494-2902 ◎

Nick: SingerAB
Name: Asing
Town: Town
Code: 137499643097 ◎

Name: Ralph
Town: Hades
Code: 1847-4768-5164 ◎

Nick: Blaze
Name: Barry
Town: Hyrule
Code: 184744988562 ◎

Name: -:ZION:-
Town: Heavon
Code: WTD? I thought I deleted all non-fungi.  Where'd this guy come from?

Nick: Bro
Name: Bro
Town: Hyrule
Code: 5369-3288-3649 △


△ = added, but not confirmed
◎ = confirmed/visited
X = not entered
? = What the durian?

Fifth of the town Auluria


Mr. Wiggles:
Wait a minute, the friend code in Animal Crossing isn't the same as the one in Mario Kart DS? Are we gonna need a different friend code for every Wi Fi game made?

Yes, every WiFi game has it's own friend code. 

I've yet to play Animal Crossing online.

Seeing that I don't have a DS, does the Wi-Fi cost and monies?


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