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Need some info from the Wii U + Mario + Luigi bundle

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If you have this bundle, we have a request. We're looking for scans/photos (scans preferred) of the front and back of the game case and the front of the game disc. If you don't have a scanner or camera, please send me a PM.

Even if I had a Wii U with NSMBU and NSLU, I bought this bundle.

I kept the game (NSMBU+NSLU) since I'm collecting every Mario games. I can scan the front and back of the boxart. The only problem is that I can't open the game box since I want to keep the game sealed for my collection.

Here's just a quick picture I made of the game:

By the way, I was wondering... Even if this is (will be) a rare game, it is comparable to the game Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World
and this version of Mario All-Stars is on the List of Mario games on the TMK website... NSMBU+NSLU is not. Why?

I think both of these games are comparable.

It's fine if you want to keep it sealed. When you get the chance, can you please scan the front and back covers? As for the size, I just need it big enough to read everything.

The game page for NSMBU+NSLU will be up soon. :)

I scanned the back of the boxart:

Here's the front:

I want to keep it sealed because I already have NSMBU and NSLU... And I just want to have a rare piece in my Mario collection :p


I understand, don't break the shrink wrap if you don't want to. I'll be able to see the disc eventually.

Also, if anyone has the European or Australian versions, I'm looking for scans of those, too...


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