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The Mario Book Mark Icon

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I bookmarked the TMK, but instead of the old Exploer E icon, it's a Mario! I just have to know how you did that.

Kweeh! Kweeh!

That didn't happen to me. Wah!

All you have to do is make an icon file, named favicon.ico, and upload it to the directory where your .html files are. Whenever someone bookmarks a page in that directory, the icon should appear in your "favorites" and address bar. Sometimes it doesn't, and that's just IE's problem.


Kweeh! Kweeh!

Hey Deezer, in case your interested you can also make a special icon for those using a WebTV Viewer ( ) or WebTV Terminal.  Just make a small gif file with the pixel area of about 71W x 52H
and type the atribute logo="File.gif" into your body tag.  I may be boring you guys, but I thought it was kinda neat.

-James Head


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