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GBA conductive pads

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So my original GBA has been broken for like seven years now. Too much Sonic Advance 2 and one day the D-pad just couldn't go right anymore.

So a few days ago I finally got around to shelling out 99ยข for a tri-wing screwdriver. And I just now opened up my GBA to look around inside of it, probably because I've been watching a lot of House lately.

The conductive pad under the D-pad is torn on the right button thing, losing its resiliency. I want to get a new one and put it in and make it work just like new. But I can't find any on eBay -- only PSP, DS, and Xbox ones -- and any searches beyond eBay end up on fake linkfarm sites at best. So before I went through the hassle of signing up on the Ben Heck forums and waiting three months for a reply over there, I thought I'd ask around here. Anyone know where you can get those things?

Wouldn't it be much easier -- and possibly cheaper -- to just replace your GBA?

If the GBA pads are comparably priced to the PSP and DS ones, not even close. Maybe $3, compared to $30 or so for a used GBA that has a decent chance of not being more broken and that I can't look at before buying.

It's not like I need a replacement GBA. I have an SP, two Micros, and my girlfriend's GBC. And emulators. It's mostly for sentimental purposes.

Definitely way easier to buy a new one, though. My usual site seems to have all but phased out Game Boy stuff - the few remaining items include a couple of replacement shells (none for standard GBA) and some universal external battery packs that happen to work with Game Boy stuff.

You wouldn't happen to be willing to part with one of those Micros, by any chance?


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