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3DS Shuts Off in Sleep Mode

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So, I've got a first generation 3DS system. Sometimes when I close it and put it in sleep mode, it will shut itself off at that time instead of going into sleep mode, and I have to hit the power button to turn it back on. Not always a big deal, but sometimes I'm at work and carry it around with me for streetpasses (hence, not always being able to check and see if it's in sleep mode or shut itself off).

Does anybody else have this problem, or what did you do to fix it?

My 3DS has frozen a couple times after resuming from sleep mode, but never shut off completely.

Called The Big N about it?

Not yet, but I did find the problem. If I put too much pressure on the left side of the system while it is closed, it shuts itself off. My 3DS and my cell phone share a pocket when I am out at work or running errands, and sometimes my cell phone will unfortunately sit in exactly the wrong spot on the 3DS..

I originally switched the pockets they were in because I am a cashier, and the device we use to deactivate electronics was on the same side I kept my cell phone and 3DS in. So switched the pockets they sat in (from front left to front right, since I don't want to accidentally erase my cell phone or 3DS).

I did find they can sit beside each other in my pocket with little/no trouble.

I've been having the same exact problem! If my 3DS gets knocked around a tiny bit or sometimes just while closing the hinge it will shut off. I plan on getting a New 3DS when those release because of this and the scratches on my top screen.

Huh. Well that's pretty weird. After all of the searching I've done, we're the only two I know of with such a unique problem.

I'll probably eventually get a 3DS SP. When it's the same price as a used Old 3DS in today's market.


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