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Title: about the latest Mailbag, and an extra question...
Post by: Vidgmchtr on August 25, 2002, 11:43:27 AM
hmm.....When David had answered the mailbag, although i was joyed that some of my questions were answered....although, those questions are about a month or two old....I had seen the third eye on the Daisy trophy, I have many games for my emulators now, and had gotten a gameboy emulator also. Although those were great Mach Rider pics...but here is a good question to ask,..I am still trying to get 6 more trophies...Mew, Sheriff, Diskun, Giga Bowser, Master and Crazy Hand trophy...I know how to get them, but does anyone know any good strategies to get the trophies, or am I just going to have to get a game shark for GCN?

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