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Title: Mario Kart Fanfic
Post by: SushieBoy on May 18, 2006, 07:17:13 PM
Hi everybody! This is my first fanfic and it's about a mario kart double dash race. I hope it will be as good as the suitor or spy's and sleepovers, well here goes nothing.

Chapter One: The jungle march

      Sweat ran down everyones cheeks as the lakitu appeared. Bower was very impatient and started to make his engine roar. As the lakitu came to the second light. Luigi was whispering to mario for last minute advice. "So as soon as the lakitu says go, I push the kart forward?". Mario nodded.
      Baby Luigi was sucking on his thumb nervously. "GO!!" The lakitu said in a quick holler. Bowser was left behind because he started his engine too early. It was a mad dash to the item boxes ahead. The Mario Bros. and the Babies had gotten a rocket start and left the group behind. King Boo and Petey bashed the Yoshi and DK group aside. Knocking them into the grassy area. The Mario Bros. and the Babies had gotten item boxes. Luckily, The Mario Bros. had gotten fireballs and quickly used them.                 
      Luigi threw them backwards to the crowd chasing them. But the Peach team in 3rd place used the heart special item and picked up the row of firey spheres. "I should have thrown it forward" Luigi thought to himself in pity. " I am sorry for that mistake bro" Luigi said.
      " Don't feel bad" Mario ansered, "it was not your fault". The babies used thier mushroom item to propel thier buggy into the cannon faster than the group. Soon the Bros. were ready to enter the cannon, right into the perilous DK Mountain. End Of Chapter One.