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A/N: I've always wanted to do something like this. This is going to be a parody of Shadow the Hedgehog except with Mario characters. Certain Mario characters will be performing a Sonic character's role. For example, Mario will take the place of Sonic for the most obvious of reasons. Luigi will take the place of Knuckles because Knuckles appears the second most times in stages. Of course, not all of the characters will take one role. Eggman's roles will be divided. Bowser is going to appear. But also, his allies will a play a part in stages where Eggman is a partner. For example, King Boo will appear in, well, I'll let you take a guess. If you've played ShTH, you know where the most logical place the ghost king will appear in. The characters, Maria, the G.U.N. Commander, and Prof. Gerald are going to be replaced with characters I thought of. Most of the stages are altered to match with the Mario theme. Some areas, like the Black Comet, will remain unchanged. Ark levels are going to be replaced entirely. And since this is a parody, you might be spoiled by the endings if you haven't played Shadow. Lastly, I tried to keep characters' personalities in check, but they might be different every now and then

Wario the Warrior


Space. The final frontier. People always wondered if there are actually intelligent life forms in other worlds. People always wondered and dreamed that they could travel the stars and see everything there is to see. However, in one fantastic world, the inhabitants pretty much knew there was alien life.

The first alien race, which came to this planet, was creatures that were determine to find a home. Their features were like living mushrooms and they were purple. There leader was a vicious princess bent on making this one world their new home. In the end, the alien race fell to four heroes, two of them which were younger counterparts of the other two.

Then many years later another purple alien came to this one world. However, he was not of the same race as the first creatures. And his motive was a bit different. He was hired by someone to kidnap a desert princess as a diversion. He ordered his minions to attack the princess’ kingdom. However, the alien fell to a great and strong hero.

Some time after that, another alien race invaded this one world. It is unknown what they look like because they wore full body uniforms. On these uniforms was the letter ‘X.’ This alien race wanted total world domination. The leader of this alien discovered that the world’s strongest demon was hidden away behind a fallen palace. To get to the demon, the leader needed seven magical stars of jewelry and a maiden pure of heart. He manages to do both. However, the same great hero put an end to his plan. But the alien leader manages to succeed at releasing the demon. Only to be destroyed by the demon because of one critical mistake. However, the great hero managed to defeat the demon once and for all.

So this one fantastic world has suffered through many alien invasions. But thankfully, it survived through it before the damage went out of hand. However, there is a new alien race coming. And they won’t be so easy to handle. And more importantly, they absolutely show no mercy.

Area: Somewhere in space

“Are we heading toward our destination at a steady course?” an alien creature who seemed to speak English so well.

“jfhskjflksjrhorhtij” said a subordinate. However, the others weren’t able to speak the English language.

“Very good,” the leader said. “I’ve plan to finish what was started fifteen years ago. And nothing can stand in my way.”

“djfsdkjbwihebvmnfkjlakhfiuabgivejvn?” the subordinate said.

The leader translated the question. “You’re right about the questioning a creature on that planet. His maker made a promise that his offspring was to be able to help us with our plans.”


“Yes it may be a problem. The creature might not be too pleased of us changing his world. Even though, it will be for the better. These foolish ‘sub creatures’ need change. There hopeless without our rule.”


“Don’t worry. I’ve got a way to make this creature join us. Even if it involves erasing one of the most important pieces that makes him who he is.”

Another alien arrived to the leader.


“Perfect. We’re almost at the planet. In a few hours, this world will be ours.”

Area: Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island is the home of our heroic/villainous treasure hunter. This person is usually known to be greedy, selfish, rude, disgusting. But with the negatives, there are some positives about this man. He’s strong, brave, and cunning (though sometimes not too bright). And he will even help someone. For a price. This man is best known as a treasure hunter and a businessman. He usually wears a yellow shirt with purple overalls. He also has a hat with the letter ‘W’ on it. And he’s a bit on the chunky side. This man’s name is Wario. And he will be the key world’s fate. Will he be its savior or its doom?

At Kitchen Island, Wario just woke up in expensive castle grumbling about life in general.

“Stupid kindness. Stupid taxes. Stupid Mario. Stupid…” Wario stopped and froze there. He just stood there in place. His eye twitched for a bit. It was as if someone had paralyzed him for awhile. Wario then collapsed on the floor and went in a deep sleep.

When he came too, the first thing he did was yell.


He called out Waluigi but there was no answer.

“WALUIGI!” He shouted again. Still, there wasn’t any answer.

“Weird,” Wario said to himself. “He’s usually up and about trying to find a way to avoid paying rent. Like that one time when we were boys we…. We…”

Wario then thought for a moment. There was something wrong with him.

“I can’t remember what my childhood.” Wario said worriedly. “Calm down, Wario. Maybe if I tried harder.”

Wario tried to remember something about his past. But it was just blank. Not all of his memories were gone. He still knew the names of the employees of his business. He even remembers the names of his ‘friends.’ It was just that he couldn’t remember the anything before the age of fifteen.

“This….can’t be,” Wario choked. “I’ve lost half of a lifetime of memories. But how? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Wario ran out of his castle trying to find clues to help him. He remembered Kitchen Island. He remembered fighting pirates to get this island. But he can’t remember what on earth about his childhood.

“This can’t be.” Wario said sadly. “THIS CAN’T BE!”

He began to knock over trees and rocks with his great strength. He kept the destruction long enough until he saw a warp pipe.

“Wait. This warp pipe leads to Diamond City,” Wario said. “I’ll need sometime to think this through.”

Wario jumped in.

Area: Diamond City

Wario was standing near the outskirts of Diamond City, a busy city where his company ‘WarioWare Inc.,’ was located at. People were currently going about their daily lives. They didn’t no what was about to happen.

Wario still pondering over the lost of his memories fail to notice a newspaper blowing through the wind. The newspaper sweeps around his leg.

““Fire in the sky” Celebration! 30 year return of the Black Comet!”” the newspaper read.

The wind blew off the paper off Wario’s leg. Wario was still pondering.

“Wario.” He thought. “I remember my name. I remember my home. But I can’t remember the past. I… Wait a minute.”

Wario shut his eyes and gritted his teeth. He then had a vision of young girl running through a hallway with soldiers chasing after her. The young girl was dark skinned with red braided hair. The soldiers consisted of a mushroom person, a walking turtle, and walking shellfish. The young girl tried to escape them but failed because she ran into a dead end. The soldiers caught up to her.

The girl did nothing except gasped.

The mushroom soldier pulled out a gun. Wario’s mind went blank again but he still heard the gun being fired.

“Laura,” Wario said in his thoughts as his mind echoed.

Wario woke out of his trance.

“What on earth was that all about? And more importantly, who’s Laura?” He asked himself.

While Wario was still thinking about all of this, he noticed that sky began to turn a dark red. In the now red sky, white opening appeared. But it only made things worse, black creatures began to fall out of that opening in large numbers. They wasted no time as they attacked the city. One of the larger black creatures landed on a car, crushing it. The large alien then proceeded to knock another car away.

Wario noticed the aliens still coming from the sky. However, he remained uncaring.

“Well,” he started. “This is one pathetic sight. I’m wasting my time here. No need to get involve in any of this. That do gooder Mario and his idiotic friends will stop this clearing. And then afterwards, I’ll find a way to make a profit off of this.”

Wario began to walk away. But…

“Wario,” a voice said.

Wario stopped. Slightly confused, he turned around. He saw a giant eye with six tentacle like features float up to him. The eye managed to project an image displaying an alien. The alien had black skin, with only three fingers on each of his hands. The creature also had three eyes and wore dark clothing with a chain that depicted a sun on one end of the chain and a comet on the other. However, most notable of all, he didn’t have a body. The head and hands floated freely.

“As you can see,” the alien began to speak. “The day of reckoning will soon be here. Find the seven Magical Orbs, and bring them to me – as promised.”

Wario was confused beyond doubt now.

“Hey! Who are you and how do you know my name? And most importantly, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!” Wario rudely asked.

He didn’t receive an answer. Instead the image disappeared and the eye flew away. But not before leaving explosives exploding around Wario. When the dust cleared, Wario was left dumbfounded.

“What was that about?” Wario asked himself. “But if he says he knows the truth about who I am, I guess I’m going to have to believe that weirdo. The only way recover my lost memories, is to get those Magical Orbs.”

Wario ran into the city as fast as he could (which wasn’t very fast) Little did he know that he was biggest factor of the world’s fate.

Cool, you have just read the prolouge of the story. Now the story will branch off into three different directions. Will Wario do good, do bad, or do neither? Since this is where the story branches off I will tell you where you need to read next to make sense. Thefirst level, DiamonCity (Westopolis) will be divided by three chapters. 1A to go hero, 1B to go neutral, and 1C for dark. It might be confusing now, but you'll get the hang of it.
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