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Winter 2012 ADVANCED Poster Awards!

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Time of that it's again year!


* No voting for yourself. Lots of voting for me.
* There will be two rounds of voting, sort of a primary and general. The first one, starting now, will be in an approval format. The top vote-getters from this round will be voted on in the second and final round as necessary.
* This means you may vote for as many people/things in each category as you like in this round. Voting for more will not diminish the weight of your vote, so go all out!
* Abstaining is totes an option, too. Vote in as many or as few categories as you want (but more would be good).
* Edit your post freely to change your votes until the voting round closes.
* You may also send your ballot to me in a PM if you want it to be secret.
* When voting for a post or topic, please include a link. You can link to an individual post by clicking on its .
* Votes should be for stuff that happened in 2012, or on or after December 10th of 2011 (when the last awards started). There's some flexibility here -- for example, you can vote for a Best Newbie who registered in 2011, but didn't become active until 2012.
* This round of voting will close at 12:01 AM EST, February 24th, 2013.
Categories are as follows:

Poster of the Year: (Insert something grandiose-sounding here.)
Post of the Year: (More unnecessary padding here.)
Topic of the Year: (Remember to replace these with actual descriptions before posting!)
Image of the Year: Original images are generally preferred, though this category can also apply to excellent contextual use of a pre-existing image.
Signature of the Year: Some previous sigs were recorded over here, for reference.
Song of the Year: Hey whoa what's this?! It's the Song of the Year category! Enough original music has come out of these forums that it's about time we recognized it. Remember, you can vote for as many as you want!
Deezer Award: It's the Deezer Award.

Funniest Poster: Who's the funniest posters?
Most Creative Poster: Who's the most creative posters?
Smartest Poster: Who's the smertest posters?
Most Amiable Poster: Who's the most amiable posters? (Hint: It's Markio.)

Best Newbie: Who was the most appetizing fresh meat?
Blast from the Past: Dang we had a lot of these this year.
Most Missed: Who needs to blast back here in 2013?
Most Improved: Who doesn't need to be blasted in the face as much as before?

Most Mario-Wise Poster: NEEEEEERDS!!
Meowiest Poster: I don't even know why this is still here.
Queen of Posters: I really shouldn't have used all my Queen puns last year.
King of Posters: Equal opportunity now! Also the Queen and King have to kiss.
WTD Award: bazpringles

You can copy and paste this template for your vote post if you want:

--- Code: ---[b]Poster of the Year:[/b]
[b]Post of the Year:[/b]
[b]Topic of the Year:[/b]
[b]Image of the Year:[/b]
[b]Sig of the Year:[/b]
[b]Song of the Year:[/b]
[b]Deezer Award:[/b]

[b]Funniest Poster:[/b]
[b]Most Creative Poster:[/b]
[b]Smartest Poster:[/b]
[b]Most Amiable Poster:[/b]

[b]Best Newbie:[/b]
[b]Blast from the Past:[/b]
[b]Most Missed:[/b]
[b]Most Improved:[/b]

[b]Most Mario-Wise Poster:[/b]
[b]Meowiest Poster:[/b]
[b]Queen of Posters:[/b]
[b]King of Posters:[/b]
[b]WTD Award:[/b]
--- End code ---

The nomination threads kind of sputtered and died, but before they did, they got a few suggestions. Might want to look at those:

January 2012 ADVANCED Poster nominations
February 2012 ADVANCED Poster nominations
Spring 2012 ADvnacwhatever

From Sapphira:

Returning Members of 2012: (Note: dates are the month and year of these members' last posts before they returned, in Month/Year format. "Blast" means they only posted a handful of times within that period, "legit" means when they were last truly active. I only looked in the New/Returning Members thread, so I may have missed some members.)

~ Cora (?? [was previously banned and made a new account])
~ superstarMASIAH (8/11 blast, 11/10 legit)
~ Super Mario (6/08 blast, 8/07 legit)
~ Markio (12/08)
~ Yoshisaurus Rex (9/09 blast, 12/06 legit)
~ Suffix (8/10)
~ Sapphira (2/11 blast, 3/09 legit)
~ frostbite (6/09)
~ Chupperson Weird (11/10)
~ Koopaslaya (6/11 blast, 10/10 legit)
~ Mr. Melee (5/10 blast, 7/08 legit)
~ FlamingBlueMario (3/11)

New Members of 2012 (who posted more than twice):
~ AmbitiousShade
~ TheBowserMullet
~ zelkova
~ DRest806
~ randomuser2349
~ pocket_arsenal
~ Red Lewd Uganda
~ speedruntrainer
~ Crimson
~ TheColonelKR
~ Godot
~ Mason
~ Glowsquid
~ Clowny
~ Hello:)
~ Ogres Have Layers
~ edward1978

This part here is for collecting all our music people and links to their music! If you are a music person, make me add you to this list!

Fifth (feat. teh_yoshi)

Poster of the Year: CrossEyed7 and Markio.
Post of the Year: http://themushroomkingdom.net/board/index.php?topic=12100.msg603170#msg603170
Topic of the Year: Ladies and Gentlemen: Shigeru Miyamoto's Super Mario Bros, if only for the controversy it stirred.
Image of the Year: http://themushroomkingdom.net/board/index.php?topic=12100.msg603170#msg603170
Signature of the Year: Markio's Regular Show quoter: "Hey Rigby!  Look at me!  I just laid sea turtle eggs and now I'm swimming out to sea!  Although many of my hatchlings won't make it to adulthood."
Deezer Award: Glorb.
Funniest Poster: Weegee, by far.
Smartest Poster: Markio. Also, CE7.
Most Amiable Poster: Markio.
Best Newbie: Ogres Have Layers, zelkova, and TheColonelKR.
Blast from the Past: Super Mario. 12 year hiatus, woah. Also, Chupperson Weird.
Most Missed: Antihack 1000. Please come back ;_;
Most Improved: Cora (AKA foxmccloudfan)
Most Mario-Wise Poster: CE7, yet again.
Meowiest Poster: LilKitten.
Queen of Posters: Um...Saph.
King of Posters: PaperLuigi.
WTD Award: Tumblr is confusing.

This thread always gives me feels.

Poster of the Year:
Post of the Year:
Topic of the Year:
Image of the Year: OLIGARCHY
Sig of the Year:
Song of the Year:
Deezer Award: Deezer

Funniest Poster: Godot
Most Creative Poster: Turtlekid1
Smartest Poster: CrossEyed7
Most Amiable Poster: Markio / Toad

Best Newbie: Ym9iYnlzcTEzMzc equalsign / Godot
Blast from the Past: Chupperson Weird, and basically everyone who posted from here onwards
Most Missed:
Most Improved: TheMightyThor, who I had totally forgotten was once coolkid

Most Mario-Wise Poster: MEGAߥTE / Sapphira
Meowiest Poster:
Queen of Posters: Sapphira
King of Posters:
WTD Award: TheColonelKR

Dynamic Duo: The Chef & TheColonelKR

I'm glad the awards live on in some form. I don't quite understand why they're still ADVANCED, but I'm glad they are.


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