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I have been doing customs for almost 15 years. I first started with Star Wars, then branched out to Super Mario. I figure this would be a great place to share my customs. Even though I have been doing this for a while, I'm still learning new techniques and there are others out there far talented than me. Hope you all enjoy!

Here is one I just recently finished and one of my favorites - Lou Albano as Mario. Lou was my favorite person to portray Mario. I just have to get the overalls altered because they look like JNCO jeans. In fact this was the first time I removed and sculped facial hair, so I'm extremely happy with how this one turned out. The mustache was sculpted with Milliput. The original figure I used was a WWE Lou Albano from Jakks Pacific.

Do The Mario!

Also wanted to throw a few more in here as well.

- The Bros. in their original colors
- Original Fire Mario
- Fire Luigi (or his regular/super form from SMB)
- SMB3 Fire Mario
- Hammer Mario

Looking good! Can the Lou Albano Mario swing his arms from side to side?


--- Quote from: Deezer on April 03, 2023, 09:50:55 PM ---Looking good! Can the Lou Albano Mario swing his arms from side to side?

--- End quote ---

Thanks! He can for the most part. The only thing he can't do is that little split that Lou did at the end of the dance. The figure's legs aren't desgined with that articulation. The legs can just swivel and the knees can bend.

Here is a few more:
- Goomba's Shoe
- Mario Paint
- Mario in Mario Movie clothes 1993
- Yoshi from the SMB 1993 movie

For the Yoshi figure, I followed a Facebook page that was dedicated to the Mario Bros. movie from 1993. It looks like it is no longer up though. This was around Summer of 2021. Someone who used to work for ERTL (the company that made the Mario film figures) was able to produce Yoshi figures, so they are fairly official figures. I originally ordered a painted one, but the guy who was going to paint them backed out, so they sent me 2 unpainted figures. I painted one and kept the other sealed. The best part is the head and feet have articulation.

Holy heck, these are incredible. 😮 I will have to come back later to fully digest.  I like the Jnco look and wouldn't change a thing.

That Yoshi figure sounds extremely rare (and looks cool, too).


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