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Why were there two English-language versions of Super Mario Bros. 3?


Ganon Vader:
They differed when it came to some of the text. "Miss twice and your out" waw changed to "You can only miss twice" and the world names were changed to "X Land". If the reason for the second version was that "your" should have been "you're", it doesn't explain why the world names were changed or why Super Mario All-Stars went back to the old text. I think the first version's world names are much cooler.

Is it because there's an American and European release? They used to come out at different times, so the later release may have been fixed up.

I will forever remain torn concerning the world names.  On the one hand, the earlier version's are pretty creative.  On the other hand, suffixing them all with "land" really ties up the game with a nice, Mario ribbon.  The main site has a nice write-up, of course.

Hope(N Forever):
They apparently even kept the typo in Yoshi's English dialogue in the Super Mario 64 re-release for Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

If it was in the Shindou release, it was in all-stars.


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