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a goomba ran in the forest. he saw the mushroom kingdom. with this costume i look like jinx, martial arts extraordinair. goomba soon snuck into the kingdom. now what do i do.

 it looked as if the mushroomians were winning. THE CALVARY HAS ARRIVED BUT WHY THEY. we were winning  noooooo said one of the mushroomians. calvary included belome, birdo, dodo, magikoopa, and the dredded AXEM RANGERS.will they do now??????

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Boo: Hey lakitu donn't go.Drat everybody keeps going away boo hoo.Hey is that wario maybe he can help me.


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Shyguy wakes up buried in a pile of rubble. The last thing he remembers is going to buy cheese. "What the **** is going on here!?!?!?" He manages to move ruble from his head. He tries to climb out, but is stuck. He cries to the nearest person for help. This happens to be the princess.

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OOC: Man, this topic grew! Just Remember, I'm not online that much. Oh ya, sorry little Boo, I can't help right now.

IC: Wario came out of his hiding spot. He could see the Mushroom Kingdom in the distance, all peaceful with the cries of victory. Wario smiled, knowing that the Mushroom Kingdom had won the battle. Suddenly, a lone figure could be seen flying above the Mushroom Kingdom at a great speed. "You fools!" it yelled. "I'm not done with you yet!" Wario knew it was Kamek. He ran to the southern end of his island, looking at the problem. A glowing purple sphere could be seen in the wizards hands. A man could be seen jumping toward Kamek. Wario knew it was either Mario or Luigi. Then, Wario saw what he didn't want to see. Kamek threw the sphere at Mario, sending him crashing to the ground. As the sphere touched the ground, it exploded, destroying the Mushroom Kingdom. "Nooooooooo!!!!!" cried Wario. "Muahahaha! The only Lands left now are Yoshi's Island and Wario Land. Troops, split up! I plan to attack both islands at the same time. Kamek has spoken!" Marching sounds could be heard throughout Kamek's troops. Wario's slaves looked very scared now. "Wario Land army! Report at my feet this instant!" yelled Wario. 2 seconds later, his army and airforce arrived at his feet. "Kamek is going to attack Wario Land. I wan't you to take any precaution to destroy that army. Contact Yoshi's Island for an alliance.  I...have a mission to finish. Men, move out!" Wario's troops prepared theirselves for the attack. Wario walked to the west end of his island, looking at his men preparing for the onslaught. "Good luck." he said to himself. Wario walked down to the western beach. A boat was waiting for him there. Wario climbed into the boat and turned on the engine. The engine roared, and Wario raced off toward Bowser Island. Wario stood up in his boat, looking at Bowser Island through binoculars. The sky was dark with clouds. Lightning could now be slightly heard. Wario looked on the surface of the Island. He could see no one, with the exeption of a Koopa guard guarding the portal to the Valley of Bowser. Wario sat down and started to prepare the upcoming events.

10 minutes later. Lightning and rain was the only thing that could be heard as Wario drove his boat onto Bowser Island. Wario got off the boat wearing a Black Jacket. He steeped up to the Koopa guard. "Welcome to the Valley of Kamek. The name was changed due to the loss of our great King, Bowser. So, who are you stepping into the portal on a beautiful night?" asked the guard. Wario responded by killing the Koopa. "I'm Wario." Wario stepped through the portal, not knowing what to expect.

The untold agent is among you.

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Boo:hey wario just went through that portal I' going to follow him.he went through.

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In the abandoned battlefield, eggs lay everywhere. One of them started to wobble. Suddenly it cracked. Out jumped a Koopa Troopa wearing a Starman medallion around his neck. He began to talk to himself, "Lowsy Yoshi....," he said, "Swallows everything he sees along with MY F&^$(&%(ING STARMAN MEDALLION!" Koopa looked around, seeing that the battle was over. From the look of it, the Mushrooms had won.

"YES!!" said Koopa Troopa as he jumped into the air. Suddenly, his back started to grow.

"Whu?" he asked with shock. Two great, white wings sprung from his back. He was now a Koopa Paratroopa. He began to feel new muscles that were mever there before. On command he could bring the wings back into his body and he could bring them back out. Koopa Troopa had pretty much memorized the entire ground of the Mushroom World, now he could map out the sky. Koopa Paratroopa leaped into the air and began to fly. He flew everywhere when he saw it. Kamek`s army. Marching toward the Mushroom Kingdom.

"Oh no!!" said Koopa. "Not again!!" He flew back to the castle, where Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, a few Yoshis, and tons of Mushrooms were celebrating their victory. He ran into the door and stood before everyone.

"Peach, Mario, Luigi, everyone..." he yelled. "Kamek is coming back!! Last time, many of you had doubts, but this time you must trust me."

Everyone stared at him with doubtful eyes.

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After Lakitu saved the remaining men of Bowser, he decides to go on a vacation. So he flies to the edge of Mushroom Kingdom and stays there for many days.

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"Ummmmm....., who are you?" Peach asked the Para Troopa, she distinctly remembered giving the star medallion to a regular koopa troopa. She backed away in fear. "What are you doing here?" she demanded.
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"My apologies," said Koopa as he retracted the wings into his shell. "I have served battle upon battle and have finally recieved the ability to become a Koopa Paratroopa. If you need proof that I am THE Koopa Troopa whom you gave the medallion, uh...well, I can`t prove it, but.... well, you must trust me."
Everyone was still doubtful.
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I, the great Bowser, am flying in a Lakitu cloud. Pathetic.
   "Wait a Minute", I said. That looks like an army down there!!! I quickly stopped.
    Wait a sec!!! Thats My Army!!!!(well some of it).
    If there is my army, who is leading it?!
    Is that, KAMEK!!!!!
    That F!@#$%^& A!@#!@#$%^&!!!!!! Ill Kill him!!!!
    I quickly swooped down after him and my army.BOOM!!!! I hit a tree.  God D!@# Lakitu cloud!!!. My army heard me.

OOC: This story is a weeeeee bit to welllll.... un Mario like.
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OOC: Hey Wario I don't think Mushroom Kingdom would get blown away that easily...

IC: "Oh so it's him.", commented Mario. "Wait! Did you say Kamek's army?!", questioned Luigi. "That's what I said!," answered The ParaKoopaTroopa. Mario thought for a moment, then said,"I have an idea. Luigi follow me, the rest of you fight if you want but be careful.", said Mario. He walked over to Peach and hugged her, "Just incase I don't come back..", he said. Mario kicked the door open to the Castle and ran out, Luigi following. Mario ran into the Musroom Wood.

"There!", said Mario as he pointed to a stump of and old, rotting tree. "A stump is-a gonna save us?", commented Luigi. Mario didn't reply as he ran over to the stump, Luigi following. He reached in and pulled out two brightly lit golden Mushrooms. "These are the last existing Gold Super Mushroom's on the planet!", Mario commented as he handed one to Luigi. "Wow Mario..uhm...what do they-a do?", asked Mario. "You'll-a see!", commented Mario as he absorbed the Mushroom's Power.

Mario suddenly began to grow. He grew to 10 times his normal size, growing stronger and faster, his eyes glowing gold constantly as he burst from his armor, wearing gold suspenders and a red shirt and hat. As Luigi abosrbed the Mushroom, he undertook the same chages ad learned all the secrets of the Legendary Gold Super Mushroom. Mario smirked, Luigi grinned, and commented, "Now we're really the Super Mario Brothers! Lets-a GO!", he commented and began running. Luigi moved in a super human blur, leaving a trail of gold star dust wherever he moved. Mario did the same, laughing as he rushed out of the Mushroom Wood with Luigi by his side. Mario whispered something to Luigi, who nodded and said he agreed. Mario's red hat sprouted golden wings, an so did Luigi's, as they took to the air in a flash of gold.

They hovered far over the Mushroomian army, following it as it headed towards Kamek's forces. Mario formed a giant orange fireball in one hand and smirked, "Kamek here we come...".


Here we gooo!!!
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After the Super Mario Brothers left the castle, everyone was nervous.

'What was there plan? Where did they go?' A million thoughts flooded there mind.

Koopa Paratroopa stood uneasy. He felt weird in the Mushroom Castle. The one place that he had formaley devoted his life to destroying.

"Well..." he said, "This...uh...this is a nice place you got here, Peach."

The room was very quite, but not silent. Everybody was talking nervously about what was going to become of the Mario Brothers.

"You know...uh," said a very nervous Koopa Paratroopa, "Maybe I go help the Mario Brothers."

"That might be a good idea," said Peach.

Koopa Paratroopa brought his wings out again and ran out the door. He leaped into the air and started flying, when he saw two gold figures on the horizon.

'No,' he thought, 'It can`t be. The...the... the Golden Mushrooms. They found the last two.'

Koopa brought up his speed until he was almost reaching them. 'Wow,' he thought, 'That mushroom makes you go fast. I can hardly keep up.'

Koopa Paratroopa looked down and saw Kamek`s army. 'Ooo,' he thought, 'Maybe I should stay out of sight. They don`t know I`m a traitor yet.' So Koopa Paratroopa hd behind a tree that was directly below the Mario Brothers.
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Luigi felt power like none he had ever felt before. He seemed to know all the secrets of the Mushroom. He was a Mushroom God!

Rushing down, he drew his hand back and made a large, crackling green fireball. He came in a rush towards Kamek. "This is for The Mushroom Kingdom!," he cried as he slammed the fireball into the unsuspecting Kamek, sending him down into the ground.

Then, there was silence. Kamek didn't move.


OOC: I know it is short, but I'd like to see what becomes of it.

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Lakitu decides to extend his vacation

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Silence. Silcence was everywhere. Not one sound could be heard. Kamek lay on the ground. The entire army stared at the Super Mario Brothers in shock and in fear. Koopa Paratroopa saw the whole thing from behind a tree. 'Thank God,' he thought, 'that I`m not on Bowser`s side anymore.'

Suddenly, a Lakitu cloud caring Bowser flew from the sky and crashed into a tree. The army turned to look at Bowser, for a minute forgetting the Golden Giants that flew above them.
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