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I got another fault for you guys in the mariopedia.  Ok under Professor E. Gadds info page you said that the only two games he was in was Luigis Mansion and
Mario & Luigi:Superstar Sega.  He was also in Mario & Luigi: Partners in time for the DS!  Here is the adress to the problem:
If you need me to give you some info about him I can replay the beginning of the game to refresh my memory about exactly what he does.  And then I could give you the information or if there is some way I will write it myself.  Just thought that would help out.  And yes, I've kinda promoted myself to unofficial moderator of Mariopedia. So I will look around and find as many errors and things as I can to be helpful!

If you read you would see that PiT is not yet added to Mariopedia.
You can add your own information using the Wiki link on each Mariopedia entry.

Why is it not added yet?  It's been out since 2005 I think.  It should be there cause games that came after it are in the pedia.

Forest Guy:
Wasn't he in Mario Party 6 or something as well? (Not that that's covered in Mariopedia yet)


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