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What wall!?

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i am playing super mario sunshine and there is a painta that is angry, he is looking at one of the wanted signs. he said that "someone ruined my wall", and there is a ahine inside the same building, is there a ruined wall?

Where at?

well, its near the statue that you spawn at to go to bianco hills. its to the left, you will see a painta having a spaz attack at a wanted poster, thats the guy that has the "ruined wall".

Oh yeah, that guy:

"Unforgivable! I have
HAD it! Someone
ruined my wall!

What does “M”
mean, anyway!? And
have we met before?"

I think he's referring to the wall with the posters on it, angry that someone put up posters on it unpermissively.

Oh he's the one who starts the Unlock Luigi sidequest


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