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Can't post in any other forums but this one.

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Why is this forum the only one that I can post a new thread in?  Why can't I post a new thread in any other on this board?  I want to start a new thread in the Mario Chat board, but there is no new topic button.

You have to make a minimum number of posts in other threads to prove you're not a spambot.

I'm not a spambot, and having to make a minimum number of posts requirement is absoutely stupid.  Do away with this requirement, I have a post that I want to put up in the Mario Chat forum.

Patience, young grasshopper. 

In replying to other threads we learn what constitutes a decent thread (usually), what to expect in terms of replies (always), and introduce ourselves as an individual capable of thought (several degrees higher than a spambot). Matters of urgency are better talked about in IRC, IMO. Your thread can wait.


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