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FBI pc blocked message??

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So, apparently the FBI has blocked my computer for some reason (I'm on the 3ds as I type this..)
I was on facebook when what seemed to be a pop-up window appeared. It seems to have the official US FBI logo at the top, and tells me "this pc is blocked due to one of the reasons listed below" and a number of things I haven't done is listed.
It would seem that the only  way to "close" the window (since it popped back open upon computer restart) would be to pay the 300 dollar fine fee. But I don't have 300 dollars.. What do I do?

That sounds more like a virus to me.  Reboot in safe mode and see if you can get a good anti-virus to take care of it.  Like Malwarebytes.

That is, in fact, a virus. Malwarebytes and AVG are known to get rid of it, if you're able to start the computer in safe mode. If that doesn't work, try logging in as a different user (assuming you've got more than one user account on the computer), as that particular piece of malware only seems to affect the user account that downloaded it.

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you shouldn't have downloaded that mp3

(In all seriousness, if this was the real fbi I think that would violate your right to deny searches and seizures)

I've found that yes, I can boot in all forms of safe mode. But I don't know what else I can do with that though..


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