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Okay, so I acquired a Wii U last month, but I haven't gotten around to going online with it yet because my apartment building has free Wi-Fi in the lobby but not in my room. If I I just plugged the console into an outlet down here, though, could I use the Gamepad screen to do everything online? I only ask because I keep hearing about some update process that'll brick you like nobody's business if you cut it out, and I'd hate to have "please look at the TV screen" appear at some point during that process when I have no TV screen to look at.

I think you can do everything with the controller, but I can't say for certain. My connection to the server timed out twice during the initial update with no ill effects, but I guess that's different from connecting to the Miiverse or whatever.

Is using your room's non-free internet out of the question?

Well, what I mean is that I don't have it in my room, period, and I've long since made the cost-benefit analysis that it's probably not worth it on a college student budget. It's good to know that you can get some solid mileage out of the GamePad, though... for the record, all I'm currently planning on doing is getting that update and then kicking around whatever passes for the Wii U store.

You might want to call Nintendo about that, then.

You can do the update process, browse the internet and MiiVerse, and run many games on just the GamePad. The worry about the update process only applies to the time when you're installing the update, not while it's downloading. However, keep in mind that the GamePad range is pretty poor, so it may not work from another room/floor, especially if you can't even get Wi-Fi, which has far better range. And it occasionally desyncs with the console, meaning you'll have to get over there to reset it.


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