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3DS Shuts Off in Sleep Mode

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I'm kind of frustrated now, my 3ds got bumped pretty lightly in my pocket, and it shut off and the time reset to sometime in 2018 (weird), and after i set the time back, all my flowers in Animal Crossing were gone.

oh well

Mine thankfully hasn't shut itself off in a bit. My phone is still in the same pocket, but I try to have them sit beside each other instead of on top of each other.

I became industrious today and decided to attempt some diy repairs. I found that the screwdriver from a glasses repair kit will take out the screws holding on the back panel of the system. Doing this, taking out the battery and putting it back in seems to have fixed the problem, even if it was temporary. It did reset the date back to 1-1-2011, but all my other data was fine (I did unplug the 3DS from the charger and remove the game card/sd card before, and shut the system down completely before any repair attempts were made).

The particular glasses repair kit I got the screwdriver from can be found at Walmart. Item number 0 24021 00135 8, usually found in the pharmacy area (that's where I found mine, anyway).

Next time my Nintendo system messes up, I'll know who to call.

I'd already tried fiddling with the battery/taking it out then putting it back. It did absolutely nothing and for a little while now it shuts down every single time I start to close the thing. Just gonna deal with it and maybe get a New 3DS sometime.


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