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Title: Nintendo and Sega: So Happy Together....
Post by: HurlyGloves on May 20, 2002, 07:22:27 AM
Here's an interesting tid-bit for the masses:

"Sega brings F-Zero to the Gamecube
It's a bit like Batman teaming up with the Penguin
Nintendo and Sega, two videogame companies notorious for their console 'war' of the early 1990s, are in bed together once again. The companies announced recently that Nintendo would be outsourcing its popular "F-Zero" franchise to Sega developer Amusement Vision, who have a really fantastic company name. The Sega-owned development house will be working on two F-Zero games simultaneously, one, entitled F-Zero AC, for the new Gamecube-based arcade board, codenamed "Triforce", and one for our beloved Gamecube, entitled, get this, F-Zero GC.
Sega noted that the arcade and home version of the games will interact through the use of Nintendo brand memory cards. It is unknown at this point just how the two games will interact, but this reporter speculates that they'll combine to form some sort of mecha zord robot. Amusement Vision is the famed developer of the critically acclaimed Gamecube launch title "Super Monkey Ball" and the similarly critically acclaimed (but monkey-lacking) arcade title "Daytona USA."