Author Topic: Any arcades near your home?  (Read 5669 times)


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Aladin's Castle, Chuck E. Cheeses.  Both in the same mall.  They suck, though.  Aladin's Castle used to have the arcade Mario Kart, then they got rid of it. >_<
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R.O.T.F.L.!  Nice photo!  Did you take that, or is it a repost?
Repost. I couldn't have taken it since I have no money, no Rush mix tapes, and no Shasta. On the other hand, I have no girlfriend.
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If Chuck E. Cheese counts, that.

There used to be a big, nice one in the mall. But it closed down and since then has become a lenscrafters. It was awesome because it had Mario Kart GP.

Soon after the closure of that, for about three months, the smaller, weaker mall across the street had gotten an arcade. It wasn't nearly as good, but it did have Crazy Taxi, and this weird scooter game that was kind of cool. I tried to apply for a job there, to find out it was closing in a few days.

Chuck E. Cheese really has no fun games (except non-video games), I found myself having more fun running around, throwing a coin cup at my friends, using it to get some Mellow Yellow, and having a moshpit to Munch & Friends' performance :P Also when that little girl tried to kill me in the play-place, it was kinda random too.

I really wish there was a good arcade around here, with good games, new and old. The bowling alley a block from me has 3 or 4 games, but nothing too good.
Ditto used Machop!


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The Aladin's Castle at the mall has Soul Calibur II, but I don't like the arcade version. (My SCII main is a console exclusive)
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(My SCII main is a console exclusive)


There are several places in my town that I guess would qualify as arcades: Galactic Hurricane (which I know for sure is an aracade) and Chuck E Cheese's (not quite sure about, as I've never been inside myself).

There used to be an arcade place in the old mall, too, but since the old mall closed and most of the businesses went to the new mall, I haven't seen anything that is really an arcade in the new mall.
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There used to be a really cool one in my mall, but it closed down and now it's an H&R Block. I was angry.

Small world, my local arcade closed down because of H&R Block too!


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Small world, my local arcade closed down because of H&R Block too!
stupid H&R Block
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Wow you guys [had] Mario Kart Arcade GP? The latest game Tilt has is Tekken 5, and some sort of Guitar Hero knock off. I do wish we had F-Zero AX though, I'd kill to play that.

I also just remembered this one barnhouse south of here that had both an arcade and a kart racing track. Despite the fact that there's a Boomer's about 2 miles away from it's location, it's still in business. Plus it has a lot of old KoF editions, almost all the Marvel vs. games, and the Simpsons arcade.

I really need to go back there soon.
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Alot of arcades around here have Mario Kart Arcade GP.

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My Chuck E. Cheese has Mario Kart Arcade GP. I used to think it was only out in Japan, but then they ordered it.

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there's a galaxy cinemas arcade about half an hour north of where i live.
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I've got two really ratty old arcades near where I live (three if you count the arcade games in the lobby of my local Wal-Mart), the kind with nothing but redneck-y light gun dear-murdering sims, motorcycle-racing games, LED-graphics Tetris ripoffs with actual prizes that were last replaced in 1997, Area 51 cabinets with one of the guns ripped off, and broken-down AfterBurner machines. Sigh.

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In my area, I've seen many malls that carry an arcade chain that calls itself "Tilt" and it's been around for years. I go to those places every chance I have, and the machines that always attract the huge crowds are Dance Dance Revolution and Capcom vs. SNK 2. They offer ticket redemption machines as well as prize machines that offer prizes such as lamps, plushies and even an Xbox360 and a Wii.

We have one of these in the mall in my hometown. Its really fun. The Dance Dance Revolution game is always taken, so I stick to my classic arcade. A few years ago it wasn't TILT, all it said was ''ARCADE'' and had a bunch of heros and pacman border around it or something...... I was there yeserday, beleive me i know.
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some sort of Guitar Hero knock off
If it's Guitar Freaks (which it probably is, since I don't know of any other guitar games in the arcade), it came first, though from what I've heard, it's the inferior game.

I don't know if it still exists, but there was this minigolf place in Bloomington that also had an awesome arcade - and because of whatever package we purchased, we had full access to it, and it didn't require tokens or quarters - hurray for Arkanoid, Discs of TRON, and the Mario pinball machine (and a lot of other awesome stuff) on free play. Unfortunately, I don't think it had any fighting games, and it didn't have Bubble Bobble or Puzzle Bobble.

There's also a pizza place with an arcade that's much closer to me (about half an hour's drive, as opposed to about two hours). Garcia's Pizza is much smaller than the other arcade I mentioned, but it has some games that I'd never even heard of before I stepped foot in there - and it has Burgertime, Galaga, and a few other classics, along with some of those newer racing games. Also, the tokens have winged tomatoes on them.