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Shut up, LD. I like Nintendo Power. They're not supposed to talk about X-Box and PS2 because in the multi-million dollar video game business, no one has compliments about competitors.

X-Box and PS2 Suck with a capital "S".

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Wow, someone who subscribed to NP earlier than I did. Wow. (Referring to Black Mage)

I started a subscrpition at issue 50 exactly... but the earliest issue I have is I think 38 (It had the SNES Lemmings in it). I stopped subscribing back about 3 years ago (I now read EGM - as B.M. says, it is far less biased) ... also because I don't have an NGC and that is what about 70% of Nintendo's games are, anyways.

Ya, I don't have a PS2 or X-Box either, but EGM is a bit more entertaining.

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Psh. NI'm getting sick of you guys saying Nintendo Power is horriby biased. Blargh! I subscribed at Issue 64-ish. I was very young when I got them. Technically they were my brothers but I looked at the pretty pictures and used them more than my borhter since he didn't really use them once he started getting too old for NIntendo.(I know! How do you get too old for NIntendo?!) But lots of them are MIA, and I really subscribed myself at issue 86.

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I'm getting sick of people telling me the world is round; however, I accept it.

I don't subscribe to any video game mags because I pretty much know what I want and what is "good."

I'm a little less apt at picking PC games by myself so I really keep up on the industry through the excellent publication Computer Games. If anyone's looking for the best PC mag, that is it.

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I subscribe to GamePro so I know about all the games on every platform. My friends and I have all different kinds of systems; Xbox, Playstation, Playstation 2, Gamecube(mine). And as stated before I think Nintendo Power is a little biased towards all their games and I want a pure untainted review for them so I know whats going down in Nintendotown.

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I don't subscribe to Nintendo Power either. But I do suscribe to both EGM and GameNOW! :)


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