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It's true, or at least possibly true.  Hiroshi Yamauchi has actually mentioned that Nintendo might be going into the animated Movie business!  It is mentioned in the middle of the article.

Edit:  I'm an idiot. If I read closer, I would have realized that it read "Ex president Hiroshi Yamauchi", and it was only an idea.  Stupid me.  Though this would be a very good idea.

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Well, it would certainly be very cool if theuy went into the Movie biz. Unfortunatly, I haven't heard any news of it.

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Old news. We knew this for awhile now.
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Vidgmchtr, your post adds nothing significant to this thread, and only serve to burn the creater of the topic.  A better approach might have been:

I read about this on (insert date here) at (insert source here).  Here's what I thing about it (insert...)  You get the idea.

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I read about this on Lizard Dude's thread at here. Here's what I thing about it. It would be really cool!

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