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"One could construct a strong argument that GTA:SA is better than Mario."

That's the craziest thing I've ever heard!

That article is stupid. The fantasy-world excuse simply doesn't cut it. There is just something wrong with people who pretend to do evil things, and it seems to me that such behaviors acted out in a video game could easily be carried over into real life by some people.

I don't see the need to debate further, though, especially after that awesome reply by Bird Person. (I refer to the one where he talks about what video games should be about.) Bravo, BP!
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I don't care that the GTA games have violence, swearing, etc., but I do find it quite annoying that you can walk down the streets with a shotgun with nothing happening.  It's the obvious things like that that keep me from playing the entire series of games.

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Thank you, smfan1085. That's also why I like Final Fantasy and Kirby: They're what video games are supposed to be about. Things that can't really happen. There are no such things as pink puffballs that swallow anything. There is no town on a southern continent inhabited entirely by elves. There is no firebreathing turtle in a land where a mushroom makes you twice your size. I don't like games about stuff that happens all the time. People get mugged. People get shot. I don't want to be the person who shoots people in dark alleys at night. GTA sucks and I have no idea how it got popular. WOW, that was long.

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You know what? I think that's really true. Even in "The Sims," what do we do? Things that wouldn't normally happen in real life. Like buying a teleporter/elevator.


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You're right, Bird Person.  And giant reptilian humanoid animals with bad tempers can't become your friend or let you be an advanced military weapon at age twelve. :(  It's kinda sad that real life isn't... unreal.  But then again, if it was, what would we dream about? :)

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Oh do I have proof! DO I HAVE PROOF! MUWHAHAHA! *ahem* Well, all the popular kids (at least in my school) don't game, or if they game, it's something stupid like some ultra-violent crap. Which really isn't good for anyone.

Those people who don't play games, usually party, get involved with drugs, sleep around. Oh sure they have lots of friends, and a sex life. However, that is all they have. They don't know loyalty, or puzzle-solving, or any of those things. So look where they are pregnant, or junkies. The reason probaly the news is so down on overweight people and gaming, is that they know this is true, and they're tired of people spreading that truth.

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Hmm, sounds like my school. All the kids who play dumb M-rated games like GTA are currenly failing or have dropped out. Kids in honors classes and who have high grades play Mario and other non-M-rated games (or RPGs, interesting).

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I am not completely against videogame violence: games like Half-Life 2, Resident Evil 4, and even Doom 3 are great games.  But the thing is, the stuff in those games wouldn't ever happen.  See games like GTA are depictions (even though sometimes exaggerated) of what happens everyday, what you see on the news.  You shouldn't admire a game or think that playing a "violent" game will make you cooler, it's the actual game.


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And I noticed... Most people in my class prefer the PSP, but the guys in honors classes at least respect the DS and ask if they can play it. And there's always Rich Kid, with a PSP, a Caera Phone, a digital camera, an iPod, a giant trampoline, etc. AND, there's Spoiled Kid, who will get a PSP for a B average next year. Both are in average math.

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Heheheh. Of course, there is also the media pirate, who likes the PSP so he can put everything they obtain illegally onto those mini disks...

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My tribute to the GOOD video games:

Pokemon: My first games were ALL Pokemon. Pokemon was what got me into the gaming world. Those games taught me that it's important to never quit.(even if you hafta get your mom to help you beat Brock while you go take a bath)

Mario: Mostly, the only Mario games I ever played were rentals until Mom and Dad got me Paper Mario. Paper Mario taught me persistancy.(it took me longer to beat the Koopa Bros than it did for me to beat Brock for the first time!) Mario games also taught me that Italian plumbers make great heroes.

Sonic: These games helped me with my hand-eye coordination.(My group had the highest total points in archery and that was the only thing in gym that I was ever any good at.) They also taught me that blue hair is COOL. And I learned what the feeling of beating a game is like from Sonic Adventure DX, the only game I've ever beaten.

Daaaaaang, that was long.

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