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Title: Summer of Mario: DIDDY KONG RACING DS
Post by: David on August 04, 2020, 12:26:10 PM
It's our first summer of Mario title to not include Mario at all!  It's ...

Diddy Kong Racing DS (

Help Diddy Kong and his friends save the island from the nasty Wizpig -- by racing in karts, planes, and hovercraft!  Collect rare Rare coins, shoot rockets, compete online, and free the island from the tyranny of the evil magic spacepig guy.

Released in 2007, this remake of the original N64 Diddy Kong Racing ( offers a few new features, but much of the core content remains the same.  Changes include four new tracks, two newly playable racers (Taj and Wizpig), tweaked races and music, and redone graphics.  In addition, two Rare cameo racers from the original have been replaced -- Banjo & Conker no longer appear, with Tiny Kong and Dixie Kong taking their places.  Online racing was available, and there is even a level of customization, with the player able to create some racing tracks using the touchscreen and recording sound effects for the races.

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