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Wario is only in it for ego and cash, thats all he wants.

He is nothing but a sellout. He doesn't deserve the factory and it's up to us to destroy it.
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Wario is a fictional character motivated by greed. He can do whatever he wants. Now shut up and leave us alone.


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I'm not fond of mini-game compilations, but I don't hate Wario Ware.  They look like great games, but they don't really interest me.  I just prefer his platformers over his mini-games.
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They aren't minigames. They're better. They're Microgames.
That was a joke.


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I've actually never really gotten into Wario, period. Way back when I got my Game Boy Color, I got SMB Deluxe and Wario Land 3, and soon ended up trading WL3 for another SMB DX so my brother and I could use the 2-player mode. WL3 just didn't appeal to me for some reason. Perhaps it was the lifeless gameplay.

I did play Mega Party Game$ at a friend's house once, out of state. It took me a while to figure out, since I didn't really know what Wario Ware was about, but it was pretty fun after that. Still, "fun" isn't enough to make a game for me - I'm interested mostly in games with actual plots. By that, I mean an actual problem or action that needs to be taken and not "Wario gets an idea and makes a video game and now you're playing it".
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Boy you'd have ripped your hair out during the early arcade years.