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Women of the Mushroom Kingdom

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Everyone else seems to have forgotten about this post, but I thought of two more ladies... In Wario's Woods for the NES there is Sarissa, a cute little witch, and Aquaela, a pink-haired mermaid.  They're opponents for Wario.  _Now_ this list is complete.

Mega 2:
The Mushroom Retainers were presumably female, since some sources call them "Mushroom Girls."  I always thought Birdo was a species (or 3, green, purple, and red; or maybe it's 3 sup-species or 3 races, I don't know the "Mario" taxonomy) not an individual.  The Birdo character is named Catherine.  Cheep-Cheeps are male and female, they're fish!  Lakitu is a woman, right?  

Mushroom Retainers are both male and female.  In Super Mario RPG, we clearly meet lady Shrooms like Raini and Gaz's Mom and Grandma Toadstool.  Birdo's name is Catherine?  This is news. I thought Birdo was a boy who thinks he's a girl and likes to be called "Birdetta."

Actually, I don't think SMRPG is "canon".

Let's do the Mario, all together now!

Koopa Troopa? It kinda looks like a girl..and sounds (SM64 and MP)

Jesus Freaktus


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