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October 2, 2012
Donkey Kong: Original Edition, with all four stages, is finally getting released in North America!

As many of you know, the NES port of Donkey Kong only featured three of the four stages present in the original arcade versionDonkey Kong: Original Edition is an enhanced version of the NES port featuring the previously missing Factory stage.

To get your free copy, simply purchase one of a select number of eShop digital titles and register it on the Club Nintendo site before January 6, 2013.  Eligible titles include: Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Style Savvy: Trend Setters, Crosswords Plus, Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone!, or Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

Note that you must buy the eShop digital copy of any one of the listed games to receive Donkey Kong: Original Edition.  Retail (cartridge) releases are not eligible for this bonus.

This special version of Donkey Kong was first released as a preinstalled title on the 2010 European Mario 25th Anniversary Wii set, and recently made available to Japanese 3DS owners with the eShop purchase of New Super Mario Bros. 2.  Pie jumping finally returns to North America!

Source: Club Nintendo

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