Region Title Release date Platform
Japan スーパーマリオワールド
Super Mario World
11/21/1990 Super Famicom
USA Super Mario World 8/13/1991 Super NES
Europe Super Mario World 4/11/1992 Super NES

It should be noted that the Japanese packaging includes a "Super Mario Bros. 4" subtitle that is not seen anywhere inside the game itself.

Title screen

The star that appears next to a count of 96 goals on the title screen does not appear in the Japanese version. The European (PAL) version shows the "96" in blue without a star.

The copyright dates are different because the U.S. version was released later. However, we have no explanation for the slight differences in lettering, shadows, and wood borders.

Yoshi's House

In Yoshi's welcome message, the paw print was a new addition to the U.S. version. The Japanese message is signed "Super Dragon Yoshi."

Now let's take a look at Yoshi's mailbox. In the Japanese version, the Yoshi sign is in Japanese as expected. On the mailbox's door, the "T" with a line over it is the symbol for the postal service in Japan. This symbol is also present on the mailbox in the U.S. version.

Kappa Mountain

Those familiar with the SMW manual know that the Yellow Switch Palace is situated on top of "Kappa Mountain." In Japan, the Kappa is a mythical creature that holds water in a bowl-shaped depression in his head. It is said that if the water spills out of his head, the Kappa becomes very weak.

Yoshi's IslandKappas

Notice the similarities between the bottom part of the mountain and the Kappa's head.

Castle re-entry

The code to re-enter beaten castles (press L + R buttons simultaneously) works for both the U.S. and European (PAL) versions, but not the Japanese version.


In the five-tiered 1-Up chambers, if Mario hits the block containing the 1-Up last, he gets the 1-Up as a prize. Hitting an empty block correctly will reveal a circle. In Japan, a small circle is generally used instead of a checkmark as a symbol for "yes" or "correct."

Screen shot


Also seen in the credits, Reznor was originally known as Bui Bui.

Japanese versionU.S. version
Bui BuiReznor

Tastes like tuna

Yoshi can eat the Dolphins in the Japanese version, but not in the U.S. version. This was probably changed to prevent possible frustration caused by eating too many of the Dolphins, who are used as stepping stones to help you cross over a large body of water.

Mmm, they should sell these in cans.

Thanks: Nintendo JJW

Bowser's Castle

Bowser's neon sign in the Japanese version reads "KOOPA," his Japanese name.

Special World

The quad-color disc formation on the Special World map screen is the Super Famicom logo (and PAL Super NES logo). If you didn't already know, the Super Famicom is the Japanese equivalent of the Super NES.

Super Famicom logo


In the Japanese version, there are a total of three Green Berries, compared to nine in the U.S. version. The first six Green Berries in the U.S. version are Red Berries in the Japanese version.

The coins at the end spell out "YOU ARE SUPER PLAYER!!" in the Japanese version. An "A" was added between "ARE" and "SUPER" for the U.S. version, resulting in 12 more coins. To make room for the "A," every letter before "SUPER" was moved two places to the left.

Japanese versionU.S. version
Japanese versionU.S. version


Japanese English
Name Rōmaji Translation Name
Yoshi's Island
ヨッシーのいえYosshī no IeYoshi's HouseYoshi's House
ヨースターとう コース1Yōsutā Tō Kōsu 1Yoster Island Course 1Yoshi's Island 1
ヨースターとう コース2Yōsutā Tō Kōsu 2Yoster Island Course 2Yoshi's Island 2
ヨースターとう コース3Yōsutā Tō Kōsu 3Yoster Island Course 3Yoshi's Island 3
ヨースターとう コース4Yōsutā Tō Kōsu 4Yoster Island Course 4Yoshi's Island 4
かっぱやま きいろスイッチKappa Yama Kiiro SuitchiKappa Mountain Yellow SwitchYellow Switch Palace
ヨースターとうのしろYōsutā Tō no ShiroYoster Island Castle#1 Iggy's Castle
Donut Plains
ドーナツへいや コース1Dōnatsu Heiya Kōsu 1Donut Plains Course 1Donut Plains 1
ドーナツへいや コース2Dōnatsu Heiya Kōsu 2Donut Plains Course 2Donut Plains 2
ドーナツへいや みどりスイッチDōnatsu Heiya Midori SuitchiDonut Plains Green SwitchGreen Switch Palace
ドーナツへいやのオバケやしきDōnatsu Heiya no Obake YashikiDonut Plains Haunted HouseDonut Ghost House
ドーナツへいやのうらみちDōnatsu Heiya no UramichiDonut Plains Secret PathTop Secret Area
ドーナツへいや コース3Dōnatsu Heiya Kōsu 3Donut Plains Course 3Donut Plains 3
ドーナツへいや コース4Dōnatsu Heiya Kōsu 4Donut Plains Course 4Donut Plains 4
ドーナツへいや ひみつのコース1Dōnatsu Heiya Himitsu no Kōsu 1Donut Plains Secret Course 1Donut Secret 1
ドーナツへいやのかくれやしきDōnatsu Heiya no Kakure YashikiDonut Plains Secret HouseDonut Secret House
ドーナツへいや ひみつのコース2Dōnatsu Heiya Himitsu no Kōsu 2Donut Plains Secret Course 2Donut Secret 2
ドーナツへいやのしろDōnatsu Heiya no ShiroDonut Plains Castle#2 Morton's Castle
Vanilla Dome
バニラドーム コース1Banira Dōmu Kōsu 1Vanilla Dome Course 1Vanilla Dome 1
バニラドーム コース2Banira Dōmu Kōsu 2Vanilla Dome Course 2Vanilla Dome 2
バニラドーム あかスイッチBanira Dōmu Aka SuitchiVanilla Dome Red SwitchRed Switch Palace
バニラドームのオバケやしきBanira Dōmu no Obake YashikiVanilla Dome Haunted HouseVanilla Ghost House
バニラドーム コース3Banira Dōmu Kōsu 3Vanilla Dome Course 3Vanilla Dome 3
バニラドーム コース4Banira Dōmu Kōsu 4Vanilla Dome Course 4Vanilla Dome 4
バニラドームのしろBanira Dōmu no ShiroVanilla Dome Castle#3 Lemmy's Castle
バニラドーム ひみつのコース1Banira Dōmu Himitsu no Kōsu 1Vanilla Dome Secret Course 1Vanilla Secret 1
バニラだいち ひみつのコース2Banira Daichi Himitsu no Kōsu 2Vanilla Tableland Secret Course 2Vanilla Secret 2
バニラだいち ひみつのコース3Banira Daichi Himitsu no Kōsu 3Vanilla Tableland Secret Course 3Vanilla Secret 3
バニラだいちのとりでBanira Daichi no TorideVanilla Tableland FortressVanilla Fortress
Twin Bridges
チーズブリッジ コース1Chīzu Burijji Kōsu 1Cheese Bridge Course 1Cheese Bridge Area
ソーダのみずうみSōda no MizuumiSoda LakeSoda Lake
せんべいやま コース1Senbei Yama Kōsu 1Rice Cracker Mountain Course 1Cookie Mountain
バターブリッジ コース1Batā Burijji Kōsu 1Butter Bridge Course 1Butter Bridge 1
バターブリッジ コース2Batā Burijji Kōsu 2Butter Bridge Course 2Butter Bridge 2
せんべいやまのしろSenbei Yama no ShiroRice Cracker Mountain Castle#4 Ludwig's Castle
Forest of Illusion
まよいのもり コース1Mayoi no Mori Kōsu 1Lost Forest Course 1Forest of Illusion 1
まよいのもり コース2Mayoi no Mori Kōsu 2Lost Forest Course 2Forest of Illusion 2
まよいのもり あおスイッチMayoi no Mori Ao SuitchiLost Forest Blue SwitchBlue Switch Palace
まよいのもり コース3Mayoi no Mori Kōsu 3Lost Forest Course 3Forest of Illusion 3
まよいのもりのオバケやしきMayoi no Mori no Obake YashikiLost Forest Haunted HouseForest Ghost House
まよいのもり コース4Mayoi no Mori Kōsu 4Lost Forest Course 4Forest of Illusion 4
まよいのもり ひみつのコース1Mayoi no Mori Himitsu no Kōsu 1Lost Forest Secret Course 1Forest Secret Area
まよいのもりのとりでMayoi no Mori no TorideLost Forest FortressForest Fortress
まよいのもりのしろMayoi no Mori no ShiroLost Forest Castle#5 Roy's Castle
Chocolate Island
チョコレーとう コース1Chokorē Tō Kōsu 1Chocolate Island Course 1Chocolate Island 1
チョコレーとうのオバケやしきChokorē Tō no Obake YashikiChocolate Island Haunted HouseChoco-Ghost House
チョコレーとう コース2Chokorē Tō Kōsu 2Chocolate Island Course 2Chocolate Island 2
チョコレーとう コース3Chokorē Tō Kōsu 3Chocolate Island Course 3Chocolate Island 3
チョコレーとうのとりでChokorē Tō no TorideChocolate Island FortressChocolate Fortress
チョコレーとう コース4Chokorē Tō Kōsu 4Chocolate Island Course 4Chocolate Island 4
チョコレーとう コース5Chokorē Tō Kōsu 5Chocolate Island Course 5Chocolate Island 5
チョコレーとうのしろChokorē Tō no ShiroChocolate Island Castle#6 Wendy's Castle
チョコレーとう ひみつのコース1Chokorē Tō Himitsu no Kōsu 1Chocolate Island Secret Course 1Chocolate Secret
Valley of Bowser
ラムネかいこうのちんぼつせんRamune Kaikō no ChinbotsusenRamune Trench Sunken ShipSunken Ghost Ship
まおうクッパのたに コース1Maō Kuppa no Tani Kōsu 1Devil Koopa's Valley Course 1Valley of Bowser 1
まおうクッパのたに コース2Maō Kuppa no Tani Kōsu 2Devil Koopa's Valley Course 2Valley of Bowser 2
まおうクッパのたにのオバケやしきMaō Kuppa no Tani no Obake YashikiDevil Koopa's Valley Haunted HouseValley Ghost House
まおうクッパのたに コース3Maō Kuppa no Tani Kōsu 3Devil Koopa's Valley Course 3Valley of Bowser 3
まおうクッパのたに コース4Maō Kuppa no Tani Kōsu 4Devil Koopa's Valley Course 4Valley of Bowser 4
まおうクッパのたにのとりでMaō Kuppa no Tani no TorideDevil Koopa's Valley FortressValley Fortress
まおうクッパのたにのしろMaō Kuppa no Tani no ShiroDevil Koopa's Valley Castle#7 Larry's Castle
クッパのしろうらぐちKuppa no Shiro UraguchiKoopa's Castle Back DoorBack Door
クッパのしろいりぐちKuppa no Shiro IriguchiKoopa's Castle EntranceFront Door
Star World
ネイティブスター コース1Neitibu Sutā Kōsu 1Native Star Course 1Star World 1
ネイティブスター コース2Neitibu Sutā Kōsu 2Native Star Course 2Star World 2
ネイティブスター コース3Neitibu Sutā Kōsu 3Native Star Course 3Star World 3
ネイティブスター コース4Neitibu Sutā Kōsu 4Native Star Course 4Star World 4
ネイティブスター コース5Neitibu Sutā Kōsu 5Native Star Course 5Star World 5
スターロードSutā RōdoStar RoadStar Road
Special World
おたのしみ コースOtanoshimi KōsuFun CourseGnarly
おたのしみ コースOtanoshimi KōsuFun CourseTubular
マリオスタッフもビックリ コースMario Sutaffu mo Bikkuri KōsuEven the Mario Staff is Surprised CourseWay Cool
マリオスタッフもビックリ コースMario Sutaffu mo Bikkuri KōsuEven the Mario Staff is Surprised CourseAwesome
スペシャリストのためのコースSupesharisuto no Tame no KōsuSpecialists' CourseGroovy
スペシャリストのためのコースSupesharisuto no Tame no KōsuSpecialists' CourseMondo
チャンピオンシップのコースChanpionshippu no KōsuChampionship CourseOutrageous
チャンピオンシップのコースChanpionshippu no KōsuChampionship CourseFunky


  • Ramune is a citrusy soft drink in Japan. Going along with the food theme, "Sunken Ghost Ship" could have been named "Soda Pop Trench Sunken Ship."


The following chart compares the names given in both versions' ending sequence. In the Japanese version, the enemy names are displayed in the English alphabet, leading us to believe the designers attempted to American-ize the names a little.

Japanese English
Para Bom Para-Bomb
Para Kuri Para-Goomba
Fishing Jugem Fishin' Lakitu
Jugem Lakitu
Togezo Spiny
Bomhei Bob-omb
Hanachan Wiggler
Appare Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother
Mantogame Super Koopa
P-Pakkun Jumping Piranha Plant
Ponkey Volcano Lotus
Bul Chargin' Chuck
K.K. Sumo Brother
Sanbo Pokey
Choropoo Monty Mole
Killer Bullet Bill
Dorabon Rex
Indy Mega Mole
Magnum Killer Banzai Bill
Raita Dino-Rhino
Chibi Raita Dino-Torch
Noko Noko Koopas
Togemet Spike Top
Basa Basa Swoopers
Met Buzzy Beetle
Unbaba Blargg
Buku Buku Blurps
Fugumannen Porcu-puffer
Unira Urchin
Gooska Rip Van Fish
Torpedo Torpedo Ted
Telesa "Boo" Buddies
Spook Fishin' Boo
Atomic Telesa The Big "Boo"
Telesauls Eeries
Karon Dry Bones
Keseran Lil Sparky
Hone Met Bony Beetle
Pasaran Hothead
Dosun Thwomp
Coton Thwimp
Guru Guru Ball 'N' Chain
Gari Gari Grinder
Fish Bone Fishbone
Buibui Reznor
Meka Koopa Mechakoopas
Morton Morton Koopa Jr.
Lemmy Lemmy Koopa
Iggy Iggy Koopa
Ludwig Ludwig Von Koopa
Larry Larry Koopa
Wendy Wendy O. Koopa
Roy Roy Koopa
Koopa Bowser
After beating Funky
P-Pakkun Jumping Pumpkin Plant
Killer Pidgit Bill
Noko Noko Mask Koopas

Note: The names for Jumping Piranha Plant, Bullet Bill, and Koopas don't change in the Japanese version's credits after beating Funky.

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