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Psst. Hey. Wanna buy a good cheap game? For those of you who don't read EGM, I will be featuing the Greatest Hits and Misses (NOTE: Some of these are not or Gamecube. I am sorry) Each month, I will feature the two games. I have some catching up to do, so I will feature all of there previous Hits and Misses (except for the new one). Anyway:

1.Hit: Silent Hill 2 (Xbox, PS2)
Miss: The Simpsons Road Rage (All, except PC)

2.Hit: Max Payne (Xbox, PS2, PC)
Miss: Stuntman (PS2)

3.Hit: Grand Theft Auto III (Xbox, PS2, PC)
Miss: Turok: Evolution (All, except PC)

4.Hit: Resident Evil (GCN)
Miss: Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex (GCN, Xbox, PS2)

5.Hit: Pikmin (GCN)
Miss: Star Wars: Obi-wan (Xbox)

6. Hit: Hitman 2 (GCN, Xbox, PS2)
Hit (there was no miss that month): Final Fantasy X (PS2)

That is all, till I get the next issue.


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