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Tech demos - Tech demos featuring Mario characters.

Go, Mario!


Character heads

  • (Toad cameo appearance) ("shaded" character head) = Character cameo appearance
    Mario or a character from a previous "Mario starring role" appears in this game, but you can't control him, nor does he severely affect game play (e.g. Toad in Kirby Super Star).
  • (Mario allusion) (black and white Mario head) = Mario game allusion
    A reference to Mario (or a Mario game) is made, but Mario himself does not officially make an appearance (e.g. the "Tarin" character in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening).

Alphabetical sort

  • Bolded titles signify "starring role" games on a core system.

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  • Europe, Australia, and China release info are currently incomplete.
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