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Think back to the first time you played a Mario game. Remember stomping your first Goomba? Remember being amazed when Mario touched that Mushroom and grew bigger? Remember miscalculating your jump and falling down that pit? Er, well... remember how much fun you had while playing? This site's goal is to bring you accurate, in-depth coverage about every Mario game, without ruining the fun of them. We strongly recommend playing through the games as far as you can with no assistance. If you do get stuck, there are guides to refer to, or you can mail us. Before e-mailing, please refer to the frequently asked questions to see if your question has been answered already.

Enjoy the site. Thank you for stopping by!

For first-time visitors

You may have already seen pictures from TMK used in Official Nintendo Magazine, Game Informer #164, Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life, 1UP.com (and again), Ars Technica, N-Sider.com, and CNET Gamecenter.com's "Top 10 Weird Product Tie-Ins" article. Or, you might have seen our URL in Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time. Now, get ready to see a whole lot more!

  • The Games
    From the Arcade to the Wii U, here you can find information, screen shots, and more about your favorite Mario games.
  • Downloads
    Pretty images and a plethora of sounds & music round out this section.
  • Reference
    Info on hundreds of cheats, codes, tips, and bugs.
  • Mario Mania
    Mario in real life, apart from the games. Movies, soundtracks, books, etc.
  • Emulation
    For all the emulation junkies, this section features saved games, non-commercial ROMs, and other assorted goodies.
  • Specials
    Interesting articles written by our staff.
  • Miscellaneous
    Stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else: Guitar tabs, fan films, quotes, etc.

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