WTMK: Mario Radio
All Mario, all the time.

WTMK is an Internet radio station that plays Mario music non-stop! To listen, you will need a supported browser or a media player such as VLC or foobar2000.


To enjoy the sonic bliss of WTMK in your media player, find an "open stream" or "open location" command (Ctrl+N in VLC; Ctrl+U in foobar), and enter one of these addresses:

We cannot list all the songs on the playlist, but a large portion of the tunes come from soundtrack CDs.

Now playing music from artists such as:

  • The OneUps
    • The OneUps Volume One
    • The OneUps Volume Two
  • OneUp Studios
    • More Than Mario (Dale North, Mustin, Jared Dunn, po!, Anthony Lofton)
    • Club Game Music
    • The Mustin Collection
  • The GameBoys
(This is not WTMK.)
(This is not WTMK.)