Fan Films

A collection of fan-made movies. If you would like to submit your own fan film, please contact us first. Keep in mind that you will have to find a way to encode the video on your own.

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Clay Mario and The Crystal Mushroom

A series of three claymation movies featuring Mario, Bowser, E. Gadd, and more.

Description: The Mushroom Kingdom has remained unthreatened for many years. Professor E. Gadd, inventor of FLUDD and Poltergust 3000, went outside for a walk in the woods for quiet hike when he came upon a strage object that grew out of the ground...

Here are pictures of some of the clay models used:

E. Gadd and Mario Bowser Bowser, side view

Send questions/comments to Stanley Strusowski.

Writer and director: Stanley Strusowski
Producer: Michael D'Avanzo
Length: 11 minutes, 7 seconds

Voice cast

  • Mario - Brian Devito
  • Fludd, E. Gadd, Enemies - Charles A. Geckle
  • Bowser - Scott Tompkins

Super Mario 64 & Weezer - El Scorcho

With slick editing, Travis, of LP30 and Super Mafio Bros. fame, melds the driving alt-rock of Weezer with the expansive world of Super Mario 64.

El Scorcho

Directed by: Travis Gaastra
Rating: Not rated. The lyrics contain one minor curse word in the beginning (G**d***).
Length: 4 minutes, 3 seconds

Lizard Dude LIVE & Unplugged

From the comfort of his home, Lizard Dude brings us an updated version of his talent show performance. More music, no crowd noise, and a big finish.

Performance by: Lizard Dude
Length: 5 minutes, 5 seconds

Super Mafio Bros.

Title screen Luigi and Toad Peach and Luigi Mario and Peach

Directed, written, and edited by: Justin Torres and Travis Gaastra
Length: 42 minutes

Description: "Super Mario bros." with a mafia twist. With business decreasing, the Mushroom King recruits Mario and Luigi to help fight the threat of the Koopa family - headed by Mario's old nemesis, Bowser. But, with a new weapon arriving, things don't look promising.


  • Mario - Tim Anderson
  • Luigi - Kevin Kratowicz
  • Bowser - Justin Torres
  • Princess Toadstool - Annalisa Masik
  • The Mushroom King - Travis Gaastra
  • Toad - Evan Huck
  • Ludwig von Koopa - Michael Rolland
  • Morton Koopa Jr. - Paul Woodward
  • Wendy O. Koopa - Michelle "Jessica" Feest
  • Lemmy Koopa - Robby Fogarty
  • Roy Koopa - Zach Takerian
  • Larry Koopa - Ben Feest
  • Iggy Koopa - Travis Gaastra
  • Himself - Rick Baker
  • Stars Junkie - Justin Torres
  • Swingers host - Michael Rolland

Lizard Dude LIVE

A high school talent show piano performance of the Legend of Zelda theme, SMB underworld theme, SMB water theme, SMB Starman theme, and SMB2 overworld theme. Lizard Dude explains it all.

Performance by: Lizard Dude
Length: 4 minutes, 3 seconds

got melee?

Scenes from Super Smash Bros. Melee serve as a music video for Green Day's "Basket Case."
Check out Six Sided Video for more info about the project.

got bananas?

Directed by: Julius, "Pro"
Length: 3 minutes, 33 seconds

The Adventures of Mario and Luigi

Title screen A mysterious block Mario and Luigi

Directed and written by: Rory Dering
Encoded by: MEGAߥTE
Length: 101 minutes

Story: Mario and Luigi must prevent Bowser from marrying Princess Peach and taking over the world.


  • Mario - Chad Durkin
  • Luigi - Anthony R. Nardino
  • Bowser - Brian Beirne
  • Peach - Tara 'De La' bench
  • Wooster - Rory Dering
  • Daisy - Alicia Neal
  • Toad - Molly Beirne
  • Joe Goomba - Sean Murphy
  • Yoshi - Katie Depinto
  • Koopa - Nico Santo-Domingo

A word from the director:

I can't believe that we finally finished The Adventures of Mario and Luigi. I am still as shocked today that I was when we finished filming the last scene, a scene in which I pulled my car, a Lincoln, out of the Nardino family driveway and drove off and then Chad pulled up his van into the same spot. Greg yelled, "Cut." I got out of my car and looked around at everyone staring at me. Molly came up to [me] and asked with a big smile on her face, "Well, are you going to say it?". And then I uttered those three words that a director loves to say: "Ok, that sucked." And after two more takes I was finally able to say, "That's a wrap."

So we actually managed to get twenty-five actors, eighty-one scenes and nearly twelve hours of footage into an hour and 41 minutes of a film, or as I like to call it, the best movie ever made. Look out Schindler's List, for you are about to be dethroned by The Adventures of Mario and Luigi.

-Rory Dering

Rory would greatly appreciate your thoughts and comments about TAOM&L.

A word from the encoder:

Desynchronization of the audio/video is as originally produced, and not introduced by encoding... though ripping was done on a 15 year old VCR with a $20 WinTV card encoded with a daily build of XviD in realtime.