Non-Commercial ROMs

I will NOT put commercial ROMs on this page, nor will I answer requests for commercial ROMs. This page features homemade ROMs, clones, or pirate games.

Super Mario War

A homemade Super NES game.

The following ROMs do exist, but will not be available for download.

Title Unknown

Mario for SEGA Genesis?! This game is actually a rip-off of Rescue Rangers. It also has two title screens; the first says "Super Mario World" and the second says "Super Mario Bros." Wacky, eh?

  • (.SMD format)
  • Screen shots: 1 2 3 4 5

Kart Fighter

This pirate game is basically Street Fighter with Mario characters. Really cool!

  • (.NES format)
  • Screen shots: 1 2 3

Mario Lottery

A strange game. I guess this guy goes by "Fario."

  • (.NES format)
  • Screen shots: 1 2


Mario, in a Sonic the Hedgehog game, with 8-bit graphics -- nicely done. I'm not really sure where this came from.

  • (.NES format)
  • Screen shots: 1 2

Super Mario 4

This game is a rip-off of Kureyon Shin Chan (Crayon Shin Chan).

  • (.GB format)
  • Screen shots: 1 2 3
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