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Mario Chat / Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
« on: January 08, 2015, 11:15:46 AM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Just announced last night, and confirmed for a western release.

For those who aren't in the know, Puzzle & Dragons is an incredibly popular puzzle RPG for iOS and Android, with several players (including myself) in #tmk. A standalone game for 3DS, Puzzle & Dragons Z, was released in Japan in December 2013, but that one still hasn't seen a western release, though GungHo America has stated it's in the works. Hopefully there aren't any issues with the Mario-based game coming out here!

More info and screenshots here.

I'm pretty excited for this! I'm not a big Tekken fan, but there's a lot of potential for a good Pokémon fighting game, and I trust Namco Bandai more these days than Capcom or Arc System Works.

Video Game Chat / Super Hexagon
« on: November 29, 2012, 05:45:58 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

From Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV.

Now available on Steam and iOS.

General Chat / Black Friday: Feelings on it, working today, buying stuff?
« on: November 23, 2012, 01:39:48 AM »

Despite the fact that I'm currently looking at spending about $180 total ($100 TV from Sears, $20 StarCraft II and $35 Diablo III from Best Buy, $25 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from Wal-Mart), I can't say I'm a fan of Black Friday, particularly because of how employees at a lot of stores are treated. I do like that a lot of places are offering their major sales online, and some online-only retailers are stretching their Black Friday sales over the entire week (or, in Newegg's case, the whole month).

I also don't like how a lot of stuff came out this week to take advantage of the Black Friday rush, because Thanksgiving wreaks havoc on postal services, and I really want my non-Black Friday-related Persona 4 Golden this week. :|

As far as the work thing, while I'm still unemployed, my brother is working later today, and he's at Wal-Mart, possibly the worst place to work on Black Friday...but because he's injured (work-related, but not Black Friday-related), he's not actually going to be out on the floor at any point in his shift. Meanwhile, my dad (who's undergoing training as a cosmetologist) will be cutting quite a few hairs today.

Video Game Chat / Another Free PC Game No One Will Play
« on: November 05, 2012, 02:14:32 AM »
Faerie Solitaire

Free until the 8th. Luigison recommended it!

Video Game Chat / New Wii U details - launch date, price, and more!
« on: September 13, 2012, 09:07:11 AM »
Nintendo's North American conference is wrapping up now, so here are the details so far, along with some of the details from their Japanese conference:

-Launches in the US on November 18th
-$300 for the Basic Set, $350 for the Deluxe Set
 -Basic Set includes 8GB system, Game Pad, HDMI cable, Wii U sensor bar, and AC adapters for the system and Game Pad
 -Deluxe Set includes 32GB system and everything else in the Basic Set, plus a Game Pad charging cradle, a Game Pad stand, and a copy of Nintendo Land
-Wii U-branded Wii Remotes and Nunchuks will be available
-(the pro controller wasn't mentioned, but they were using it on-stage, and Japan has a price for it at launch, so we'll definitely get it as well)
-Launch titles currently include Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U
-Nintendo TVii allows video streaming with a bunch of social functionality
-System uses a proprietary disc format, with a disc size of 25GB
-2GB of RAM, with 1GB dedicated for the system and 1GB dedicated for games

They showed some new footage for Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, and LEGO City: Undercover, and we also got a few new announcements:

-Bayonetta 2, holy crap
 -Wii U exclusive, being published by Nintendo
-The Wonderful 101 (formerly Project P-100)
-Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
 -new Wii U version, along with confirmation of a US release for the 3DS game, and cross-platform functionality
-A bunch of multiplatform Activision stuff
 -some Wii U-exclusive features for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

So, GET HYPE here. Stuff's sounding pretty awesome, but I'll probably wait a little bit to get the system, after what happened with the Wii's launch.

With a title no one expected but everyone needs:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Game of the year all years.

Video Game Chat / Next Xbox digital-only, out next year?
« on: March 09, 2012, 10:38:53 PM »
One of many sources.

We've previously discussed the potential of an all-digital console. A quick recap:

-No trips to retail for software purchases
-Easier to find a given game - no artificial supply restrictions, no "you didn't preorder this game so you'll never be able to play it unless you pay $80 for a used copy or pirate it" snafus with niche titles
-Less physical space being taken up by games, and no pesky disc-switching
-Prices should be lower, especially with sales
-Publishers should be more willing to take risks, since they don't have the same concerns about shipping a set number of units and such
-Piracy should be more difficult

-No reselling a title, lending a game to a friend, or chancing upon a used copy for far less than a new copy years after a game's launch, and rentals through services like Redbox and GameFly would be impossible
-Prices won't be lower, if the existing console download platforms are any indication (look at Mass Effect 3 on PS3, or digital versions of PSP and Vita titles that cost more than a retail copy, or the fact that Games on Demand releases on 360 almost always cost more than new retail copies at time of release), and sales have already proven to be pathetic on any service that isn't Steam
-With physical distribution most likely out of the picture, it'd be unlikely that we'd get any more physical limited-edition bonuses
-As proven on iOS by anyone who hasn't paid their yearly App Store rent, and on PS3 and Wii by Irem, it's easy to pull a game from digital shelves, preventing people from buying it and sometimes even preventing existing paid users from maintaining permanent access
-"Publishers taking risks" really won't be any less of a joke than it is now, because risks don't make money
-Piracy won't be more difficult, unless you want to play online (and even then, good luck)
-Speaking of, just looking at my own country, millions of Americans don't have stable uncapped broadband Internet, and most of them won't any time soon (hi, Sam), so they'd be completely locked out of this console
-With everything reduced to an account-based service, it's entirely possible to have your account closed and be screwed out of your entire library, with no justification legally necessary due to the EULA you signed when you opened the box (and if you don't think this would happen, look at EA's PC-based digital distro system, where if you're banned from their forums you're also banned from your Origin account and locked out of your purchased titles)
-Instead of on-disc paid content, we'd get extra paid content that's part of the initial download we already paid for access to, just like on iOS and Android
  -And we'd probably get more incomplete games sold at full price and completed with enormous amounts of DLC, under the pretense of "episodic content"

-Unrelated to the all-digital thing, but Microsoft's already trying to show with the 360's current advertising line that games aren't the focus for their game console, and I see no reason why this would get any better on a new platform

Honestly, there are far too many reasons this will be a bad thing if it comes to fruition as described, and I won't support Microsoft or anyone else on it if it does. If this means missing out on a few "must-play" titles, so be it.

Video Game Chat / Capcom Crossover Character Content Controversy
« on: March 05, 2012, 03:21:24 AM »
Capcom's crossover fighting games, while generally being fun to play, have seen some bad press in the past year, with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and now Street Fighter x Tekken all sparking fan outrage for several reasons. In this thread, we're focusing on one thing: paid content locked on the game disc. (This problem certainly isn't exclusive to that particular subset of Capcom releases or to Capcom games, but it's been the most egregious there.)

In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, people were pretty upset when the models, artwork, and moveset data—everything, really—for the two DLC characters, Jill and Shuma-Gorath, were found on-disc before they actually became available for use. However, it was only two characters, and they ended up not being the best gameplay-wise, so no one cared in the end anyway. They were too busy circlejerking about Wesker and Dante, after all. (Some people cared about the other information that was found on-disc, including unfinished data for characters like Frank West.)

Capcom decided to work with this concept a little further with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with the aforementioned characters remaining paid on-disc content (something about licensing, which is understandable). But this wasn't the only thing on-disc, as deeper data-mining found the cards for the Heroes & Heralds mode already on-disc as well. No one cared much about this either, since that mode was a free download a month and a half after launch. However, they did care about the data for the paid alternate costumes for every character being found on-disc, which was only made worse when Capcom pulled Magneto's costume from their release line-up due to some likeness concern BS with the president of Spain. And Capcom didn't even try to make things any better for the recent Vita release of UMvC3, with all of this content already present and needing to be purchased to be unlocked (unless you already paid for it on that Sony account, as the unlock is shared between the PS3 and Vita versions).

Now, with Street Fighter x Tekken, Capcom is taking things to the next level, with fourteen characters (and paid alternate costumes, but really, who cares about those at this point) locked on-disc, presumably to be released as paid content later. Why? Pac-Man and Mega Man (who have no business being in the game, but that's a different can of worms) are supposed to be PS3-exclusive, and are set to be released as free "downloads" for that console's version of the game on March 13th, but their presence on-disc in the 360 version seems to indicate that "exclusivity" is only a matter of time. As for the other twelve characters, Capcom has announced them as being set to launch with the Vita version, where they'll be available to players from the start. This might be fine if the Vita version was set to launch a week or so after the PS3/360 version and those characters were just still being balanced, but the Vita version is set to come out this fall, and prior to this discovery, Capcom said those twelve characters were still "in development."

Now Capcom seems to be digging themselves into an increasingly-deeper hole with their damage control on this most recent situation. Takedowns on the recorded footage of the DLC characters in-game (and shutdowns on users' accounts for posting these videos) were expected (and are why I haven't linked to any of the videos here, but I've thus far watched footage of Elena, Blanka, Alisa, and Mega Man), but that doesn't seem to be the only thing going on. Supposedly a Capcom-Unity moderator posted a thread on that site about how the site's administration had instructed the moderation staff to post pro-Capcom comments on other sites. I don't know how believable this is, particularly with the thread conveniently "deleted" and the moderator's account "locked," but honestly, with some of the people I've seen defending Capcom in all of this, it wouldn't be surprising.

How do you feel about the concept of paid on-disc content, Capcom or otherwise? How do you feel about Capcom effectively locking content already present in a game away from players until several months after that game's release (and then probably charging for it, as they already have been with UMvC3 costumes)? And if you feel like spinning off into a tangent, how do you feel about the service-versus-good disconnect with modern gaming that leads to things like this being considered reasonable and legal business practice?


Rising Star Games, for those who don't know, is basically the European equivalent of Atlus USA, bringing all manner of niche games to the PAL regions. They published DeathSmiles over there, and this past fall, they released DoDonPachi Resurrection with a region-locking scheme such that it would run on US Xbox 360s (which is why I imported a copy). Now they're opening a US branch, and kicking things off with a US release of the hotly-anticipated Cave shmup Akai Katana - possibly an effort to sidestep Microsoft's apparent crackdown on region-free-but-still-region-exclusive releases (as reported by a G.Rev representative when asked why Under Defeat HD is region-locked on 360)?

Regardless of whether or not that's the reason, this is great news for anyone who plays games that could even remotely be considered "obscure." Bigger publishers are continuing to release titles specifically designed to target a "western" market and to sell millions of copies easily, while the kind of games that would have been successful here a decade ago (or more, in the case of certain genres) are ignored and lost in the shuffle, lucky to be picked up by someone like XSeed or NIS America. Having another company around who's willing to take chances and release weirder titles over here is a good thing in that regard. I, for one, like being able to purchase the games I enjoy in a language I can understand, rather than spending extra money on imports or, in many cases (mostly on PC), having to pirate a game to be able to play it at all because it's simply impossible to purchase in a form I can load and play in English right off the bat. This is why I'll be buying School Days HQ when that comes out in English, and why I purchased the PS2 versions of Fate/stay night and Clannad but played the games on PC, where English patches exist for both titles.

Also, maybe it'll mean we'll see less stupidity like the PS3-exclusive download-only US release of Arcana Heart 3? Because seriously, Aksys botched that one pretty hard (made worse by PSN going down a month later).

Video Game Chat / Mobile Gaming General
« on: December 05, 2011, 03:38:24 PM »
EDIT: Changed thread title to reflect broader topic.

Alright, so I'm getting a fourth-gen iPod touch on Wednesday (technically Thursday morning - I'm picking it up at midnight when I get paid). I'll have access to most of the apps available for iOS - the main concern is, what games should I be looking for?

Here's the current list of games I'm already getting:
-Every CAVE iOS game (DoDonPachi Resurrection, Espgaluda II, DeathSmiles, Mushihime-sama Bug Panic, and when it comes out, Bug Princess)
-TapSonic (free rhythm game from the DJ Max publisher, with some music I like from that series available)
-Words With Friends (Scrabble)
-Hanging With Friends (Hangman)
-Angry Birds, just to annoy ShadowBrian
-The King of Fighters -i- (and probably The King of Fighters: Encounter, though that one's not as much of a game)
-jubeat plus (I'll check out Jukebeat, the US version, as well, but I'm mainly focused on the Japanese version with the real bemani songs)
-Reflec Beat (if it's iPod-capable - I know it's on iPad right now)
-Possibly Final Fantasy Tactics, if I can get over the ridiculous price
-osu! (yes, I'm jailbreaking my device)

Anything important/cool that I'm missing? I'm also open to suggestions for non-game apps.

EDIT: Forgot a few:

-World of Goo
-various PopCap stuff
-Space Invaders: Infinity Gene
-Groove Coaster
-Infinity Blade

Video Game Chat / Small Text
« on: October 05, 2011, 06:04:04 PM »
Something that often comes up with games on Xbox 360 (and, presumably, PS3) is the size of text. A lot of games are designed to be played on HDTVs, and if a display can actually handle 720p or 1080p, there usually aren't display issues. However, if you still use an old analog TV (like I do, though I do have a reason beyond "I haven't bought one") that can't handle these resolutions, you end up with unreadable text; it's usually very small and not clear enough to be legible.

Most of the games I own have this issue. Only one (Tales of Vesperia) does anything about it (by providing an option for a larger font).

Who else has to deal with this issue? What games do you guys play that you really notice it in? What games have you seen that do anything to actually counteract it, like what Tales of Vesperia does?

Video Game Chat / Hearts of Iron: The Card Game
« on: October 03, 2011, 12:03:17 PM »
Hearts of Iron is a series of World War II grand strategy games by Paradox Interactive. Hearts of Iron: The Card Game is a free-to-play TCG spinoff. It's still about resource management and World War II, but it's a card game now.

Those of you who dwell in the chatroom may recall me mentioning I was quite interested in this game back when Paradox announced it. Well, it's playable now, and I'm still quite interested. It's entirely browser-based, too, so as long as your Web-browsing device of choice can handle Flash, you can play.

Let's play this, guys. It's free and it looks like it'll be pretty fun.

Video Game Chat / Catherine
« on: September 16, 2011, 02:09:17 PM »
Where my sheep at?

My copy of the LE arrived yesterday (as an aside, the clothing is very comfortable), and I've really enjoyed the small amount of the game I've played so far. I'm playing on hard mode, so I've been repeatedly destroyed handily by the first couple of stages. I'm really enjoying the block-climbing gameplay.

Shoji Meguro is one of my favorite composers, and his music for Catherine is excellent, as always. I totally dig the classical arrangements.

The graphics are also quite good - BP's friend Androu1 keeps talking about how he wishes it was just in-game cutscenes without the anime sequences because the in-game scenes look better, and so far, I'm inclined to agree.

The only other guys on here that I know bought the game are Jim and LD, which is a bit saddening; I would've at least expected ShadowBrian to get it just from the box art on the PS3 version.

Oh yeah, and the game screams its name at the title screen.

Video Game Chat / Best/Worst Controllers
« on: September 06, 2011, 09:34:18 AM »
We've had threads like this for things like which control scheme is best for Brawl, but we've never really had a discussion of which controller in all of gaming is the best or the worst.

Obviously there's going to be specialization going on for some genres - keyboard and mouse being tops for first-person shooters, for example, or many rhythm games using their own special controller - and we can sort of ignore that stuff. I also don't really want to go into which third-party controllers are decent or not, because then this thread would be filled with "MadCatz controllers suck" by people who are still stuck in a last-gen mindset. I just want to talk first-party controllers (and default control schemes on handhelds) and how they stack up.

Basically, this idea came up when I realized I was better at the PSP version of Pac-Man Championship Edition than the 360 original. Because the PSP D-pad is better than the 360 D-pad. And that's terrible.

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