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Mario Chat / Re: Whats the Best SSB Name you Could Think Of
« on: March 19, 2005, 11:24:06 PM »
ultimate smash bros., super smash bros. vendetta, super smash bros "our last REALLY good game", Super Smash Bros. stop asking about sonic.  any of these will do

My first post!!!

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Video Game Chat / Awesome Arcade Amusement!
« on: October 16, 2005, 01:17:19 AM »
Well, not so much "awesome" as just...there.

Now, everyone likes to do things.  I like, when my time and homework allows, to go to the local mall, and visit an arcade named Cyberstation.  It's not really big, but it has a decent selection.  What all this babble is about is...What kind of games will you play at an arcade, game hall, or even the entrance to a bowling alley.  Are you a racing fan?  Must you visit the Air-hockey table?  Do you lust for some alien-blasting fun?

I am personally a fan of the Time Crisis game line.  My buddy and I can run through too much money, just trying to get a little farther.  When we do Co-op, he always has the higher score…Which is odd, cause I don’t feel I do badly, but, alas, I need more practice.

Though the pedal pounding pleasure (w00t, another  triple letter acronym) of Time Crisis is good, I have always loved pinball.  I don’t know why I like it, I just do.  Maybe it’s the simplicity of the whole thing.  Or I could just like the flashing lights and DING sounds…

Thinking of the arcade, I am reminded of this Wednesday.  I got out of school early, due to the PSAT that I took, and no homework left to do.  With nothing to do, I went to the mall  with a good  friend, his girlfriend, and her friend.  We wander around for a while, then we head into Cyberstation waste a little more time.  My friend Steve and I play Time Crisis 3, of course, and the two girls play ski ball.  They gather a good amount of tickets, and I’m out of singles, not willing to spend a fin on tokens, fairly quickly.  We go to “cash in” the tickets, and there is no guy behind the counter.  Granted, it was about 12:30, on a Wednesday.  There was one other group of 3 people there.  But I still expected SOMEONE to be working.  I look towards the back, and the guy is on the computer, and from what Steve saw, coming back from one of the old Area 51 machines, was playing some card game.  I scrounge another 50 cents for another couple rounds of ski ball, thinking he’d see the two girls standing at the counter.  He didn’t.  Finally, I say from the desk (about the middle of the arcade)  â€œPlease get off the computer and service us!” loud enough for him to realize I said something.  He gets up, I start joking with the rest of them to get the cookies for their tickets, and he says when he gets near us “You can just ask for assistance.”

“Alrighty-then, I‘ll do that the next time you aren‘t doing your job” and start to turn, and he stands, as if in a threatening way, a few inches in front of me.  Not a huge guy myself, but about 6’1”, I’m still looking down as he says “Or you could get out of my store”

Now, this may be the sarcasm I got from my mother, but I resisted the urge to make a crack at the fact that he was already up and ready to help, but held it back, thinking, don’t push it.  I took the warning and just said, “okay…”  He repeats, “Please leave my store.”  I leave the place, laughing to myself. I joked with Steve later how that was probably the most unexpected response.  Now, I don’t expect any real response on the incident here, and I just needed to let all the people know of the situation so I may say this to anyone who works in an arcade “If you do not do your job, expect 15 year olds to make fun of you when you try to be tough.”

Anyway…Just asking for people to give an idea of what they prefer to play in an arcade environment.

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General Chat / The Shark
« on: September 17, 2005, 08:59:21 PM »
When did your favorite show go down hill.  What moment made you say "Wow, this sucks now", and never watch it again?  If you didn't guess from the title, When did it 'Jump The Shark'?  Give your oppinions on what shows tried to grab some ratings fast, but backfired and, in turn, doomed the show.

To kick start the brains, I will name a few that I can recall, and when the speedboat started.

Pokémon-just after the Kanto league, to maybe the middle of the Orange Island.  They've been running on fumes for years now.

That 70's show-When they graduated, maybe before, but not much earlier.

Friends-by time Rachel was pregnant.

The Simpsons-around the 10th-11th season, it started to waver, and the 16th really was no good.  Luckily, lately, the episodes have returned to pretty good quality.

Brady Bunch-when they brought in cousin Oliver.

Happy Days-Need I say it?  When Richie left, of course!

There are obviously more, when you think back to the amount of shows that have been cancelled over the years.  I hope people will respond to this topic, considering it hurt, trying to remember exact times when the shows went downhill (My mind went blank when I tried to remember).

edit: An E for Vid

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Video Game Chat / Project assistance
« on: September 03, 2005, 09:20:24 PM »
I am currently in the planning stages of a project concerning my Gamecube.  I wish to change the outside casing.  Unfortunately, when I was curious a few years ago, when I unscrewed one of my N64 games, it ceased to work.  I made sure that I did not change anything or mess with it, but it still did not work any longer.

So, I have a few questions.
1. Did I just mess up my game, by either messing with the chip or connectors, or is there some...thing, that, if taken apart will keep it from working any longer?  And

2. If there is safty feature in the carts, is there such a ...Thing... in the Gamecube?

Finally, are the gamecube's guts built into the cube shape, or are they able to be rearranged.

Side notes:  I don't plan on tweaking with any of the workings of the Gamecube, only the casing.  I probably won't do this until I know for sure that I won't break it, cause I don't have the income to buy another GCN.

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General Chat / The Ring-er
« on: August 19, 2005, 10:13:40 PM »
I just got a new cell phone today.  It's quite cool, in my opinion.

Image hosted by

The screen slides up, revealing the numbers.  The main point of this thread is to let us show our phones to the other people.  It can be a cell phone, your house phone, or even the phone booth on the corner.

I am personally a fan of the old rotary phones.

Image hosted by

I blacked out the number, even though it isn't even my number.

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General Chat / Wierdest project
« on: June 02, 2005, 11:46:47 PM »
What is the wierdest project you have ever done.  It could have been for school, fun, or work if it applies.

The strangest project I have ever done was just recently for my Social studies project.  I built a Plinko board, but instead of dollars at the bottom, I had Greek review topics, written with the Greek alphabet.  For the disks I used bad 80's compilation cds, two glued together, and spraypainted.  Because it was the most original idea my teacher had seen, and that she gave me a 100 on it, I let her keep it.

Now the rest of you need to start thinking about your projects.

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Video Game Chat / A New Way t;o rent
« on: April 24, 2005, 01:29:07 AM »
Has anyone here tried Gamefly to rent some games?  I've been using it for a short time, and want to know if anyone has had any problems with it.  The only problem I've had is that they seem to have a few shipping problems with me, mostly with the time.  More than a week seems a bit long to get a game, even if they are shipping from California to New York.  Of course, if they put up more shipping centers, like Netflix did for their movies, that might reduce the time drastically.

I just want to know what anyones thoughts on it are.

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