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omg you got an oculus rift!?
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That last picture destroyed my vision. I want a refund.
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You know, I remember playing the Virtual Boy one time.  My next door neighbor had it.  He wound up selling a lot of his video games when he grew up (he's several years older than me), and I wish I would have inquired about more of them.  I did manage to buy Clayfighter 2: Judgement Clay from him, though.
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I think it would have done fairly well if they'd spent a little more on three colors. 
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In all seriousness, it was already a really expensive system to produce. If they had spent anymore it may have done even worse damage than simply being a failed system.


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Today's my birthday, and as of today I've been on this forum for eight years.

That's all, really. I'm just pretty happy. Birthdays are fun.
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Happy birthday! Condolences about the other bit, though.
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A dog showed up at my place a little over 6 weeks ago. I'll spare the details about how she's so smart, sweet, quiet, loving, basically perfect, and how much I love her to bits. I named her Lily and hoped nobody would call me about the Found Dog ad I posted on Craigslist.

Here she is, grinning at me the first day she got here, 11/11. I'm sure she looks scary and aggressive... which is why I made sure this was the main picture in the craigslist post. I thought it might deter people who might want to lie about having lost a dog... heh.

She just gave birth. Tonight. To nine healthy puppies. None of them have her patterns, she must have hooked up with a dog with a really dark coat. Her timing for getting here was absolutely perfect. A few hours earlier and I might have been asleep. Any number of days later and... she might not have gotten enough nourishment for the pups. This house is surrounded by orchards and is on a busy 55mph road so she could have gotten lost and died in the cold or gotten hit by a truck. Any number of completely awful things could have happened to her. But it's jackpots all around.

The jackpot for me being, well... she's just such a good dog. Unrealistically. The kind you don't have to make excuses for. She's not aggressive with new people or the other dogs, has never made a mess in the house (besides the little larval dogs just now), very rarely barks even when the others are... she hates cats, but hey, so do I. I'm gonna be moving next year and she would be a perfect city dog. My friend loves dogs and doesn't have one yet, so when his apartment's lease is up we'll find a place that'll let us have a dog like her.
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What a sweetie.

Any pics of them there pups?
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every last one of them has the white tail dip and white feet. There are five boys and four girls. If they inherited Lily's general shape and face they'll all be gorgeous as adults!
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How many have perfect IVs

She is so precious, and so are the pups! Maybe nobody will respond to the ad, and you can keep her forever.
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I took it down after five weeks. I don't think she could have come from a GOOD place... assuming she also wasn't intentionally abandoned. Even though she was immediately friendly with me, my parents, my friends when they visited, and my sister when she came and brought her own dog over Christmas, she showed some signs of having been around people a dog shouldn't trust. She used to be extremely skittish the moment you picked up a spatula or flyswatter. She was also wary of fast or sudden movements, especially involving cupboard doors opening. It took a LOT of coaxing to get her to come into the house at all, as if she were trained with negative reinforcement to never do it. Signs point to somebody being rough with her, at best, and downright abusive at worst. She's gotten over all those things and feels right at home, now.

I can't even imagine who would hurt a dog like this. I don't mean "a dog like this" as in "it would be okay to hurt a different kind of dog or one with worse behavior", I mean that I wonder what the context even was. What reason there could have been. The things that make her such a good dog are parts of her personality. Sure, conditioning can affect personality, but a dog doesn't become affectionate and mellow out of cruel training. She would have to have been that way already--somebody saw fit to hurt this completely sweet dog. The worst thing she's done while here is shown little regard for the difference between the floor and the kitchen table... but I wonder if she'd ever even seen a kitchen table before, with how new and scary the concept of going inside a house was to her. Besides that, she probably wouldn't do it if she'd been physically punished for it, in specific. She's responsive enough to simply being told "no."

It has crossed my mind and made me feel a little dirty for how I handled the initiative to find her "real" home. Maybe five weeks wasn't long enough. Maybe there is, somehow, someone who doesn't know what Craigslist is, and also doesn't have a single friend or family member who does. Maybe no one looking for her has driven past the house and seen her in her favored spot, right in front of the front door. But the world isn't as black and white as Lily's face. There are little grayish speckles like on the side of her body, too. She's happy, I'm happy, we've gotten really attached, her puppies are safe and healthy and have a place to grow up until they're ready to be given to new homes and, with luck, be happy and make other people happy too. I feel good enough about it.
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I'm not even a dog person but this is a touching story.  It's great that she found a good home.
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